Lost in the night….

January 15, 2010

Seems I’ve been lost for the past few weeks….traveling around in cold parts of the world….and no internet connections! Back home (finally) and I wanted to post these pictures that I took before I left —way back in 2009. When I put this together it was all new and I planned to blog it right away but … time got away from me as it seems to do during the holidays. But I really loved it so I wanted to share it with you.

The jacket and the purse are from Sey, one of my favorite stores. Sometimes things in sl are so special I really want them in the real world and both these items are like that. The ribbon in the hair came with the purse and I added to the headband from J’s. The tights are from Kyoot …the texture is great and I love the kneepads stitched on. Emma Gilmore (Surf Couture) made the yummy boots. They have been all over the place so you have certainly seen them before but they are so cute and I love how you can tint the socks to match the outfit. 🙂  Boom did the great sweater, it comes in many colors but I absolutely love this icicle color! So, lots to catch up on, I know I missed a lot while I was gone but more posts to come soon! Anyway…Happy New Year to you all and hope 2010 is a good one.


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October 31, 2009

Boo!3vintageOnce in a while a few things come out at about the same time and seem to just go together. This is one of those outfits. I think the inspiration was the yummy fur stole from Coco. But the new hair with knit cap from Vintage McMillan at Epoque and the lace-up socks from noju made it all come together. I added the vintage looking earrings from LaGyo, Wings of Glory, (love the name) and the rock star bracelet by Stiletto Moody for a little shine. And then, just when I thought it was finished, I found the drum case from sey…I love it as a purse. So here it is…I’m feeling all vintagey tonight! And happy Halloween everyone!

my drumcaseand shoesangle2wings of glory earrings

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Just hanging around

August 23, 2009

*more new_003

Actually I wasn’t just hanging around when I got the anuenue mohair knit sweater tank…I was searching for stones in the Skipping Stones hunt. But I love this little vest that was the starting point for this look. I tried it with several things and it looked great with all but I hadn’t worn this BP beige denim skirt in ages and when I found it buried under piles of things in my ever-more-disastrous inventory I quickly grabbed it and put it on. I had everything else in inventory except the messenger bag for which I went on a massive search. It was worth the looking, I hadn’t seen anything else like it in sl and I got all three colors. (All different leather tones.) Just look at the cute clasp with the small heart. ❤ The hair by Toast Bard is also one I haven’t had the chance to wear much but I love the way the ends are so jagged and bluntly cut.  It took a little modding but I love the way it works with the Fedora from Lelutka. Now I have to say, I don’t wear heavy tats that often but this outfit needed something to cover my poor bare little arms. Lol.  By the way you may note that I have taken up smoking but…(in the words of Bill Clinton) I didn’t inhale!  Goes to show I will do anything for the look…..*cough, cough*.

BP 2 girls


I did do a little extra picture of the accessories to give you a better up-close view.  So here it is…. and now for me… it is back to hanging around (thereby avoiding cleaning my inventory).

See ya,

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Taking Care of Business

March 17, 2009

taking care of business/city

Things really have been hectic these past few days in SL. What with the Relay for Life Clothing Fair and all its fantastic people— the organizers, the designers, the entertainers and the general shopping public who have been there in droves—it is hard to think about much else. But at the same time we have St. Paddy’s Day, some great hunts and (!) Lelutka’s Spring line coming out. So, I have decided to show what I have been wearing around instead of featuring all the new items I have been adding to my already bulging inventory. (I need a day or two to sort it all out!)  Anyway, I love this look with its tight, straight skirt and patent leather belt paired with the Akeyo man-ish hat and severe hair cut. To balance out the masculinity there are the diamond earrings from Redgrave that give it a nice little edge. The plaid top is from Lelutka’s LaLa coat from their Fall collection. To soften the neckline, sey’s Afghan stole which is scriptable (both to resize and texture).  By the way, I did NOT wear this to the RFL as everyone is asked to please keep their ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as possible. Free outfits are being given out which will help reduce lag and make the Fair a better experience for everyone. For info on how to reduce ARC check out the official blog of RFL here.


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Yeah…what if?  An interesting idea that became a challenge from .  I love reading the feeds and enjoy seeing the same thing worn in so many different, creative ways. It is not just the individual style…. blogger, fashionista, or reader…..that makes the difference but one’s mood on any particular day that changes things up. For me it is all about the styling and enjoying everyone’s unique sense of dressing that makes it fun. I know I got on the band-wagon a little late for this one….but still wanted to put together my version of an outfit with the Armidi Gisaci shirt. (Today is a casual-feeling day for me.) So here it is…..

❤ Elisabeth


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