Patchwork Pixels

November 9, 2009

3 Pink outifttersPO back

Patchwork is cute and just a little retro and these shorts from Pink Outfitters are both.  (They’re not new, but I forgot I had them and how cute they were!)  I love the embroidery on the back pocket. ❤  They are worn here with the Billie lace tank top…also from PO…double cute!  The long-sleeved thermal top in robin’s egg blue is from Pig. These thermals are wardrobe staple must-haves, especially now that it is getting cooler outside. The jacket is from enSvale and it is probably my favorite denim jacket right now. The detailing is just perfect. Look at the seams on the back…..  🙂 The accessories add some fun and every item shown here is high quality in both the texturing and the design. J’s engineer boots which fold up or down and change colors (with the fatpack option) are beautifully made. Everything from Maitreya is great and Maitreya’s Coin Belt is no exception. It gives the look a little weight as do the Goth Necklaces from Fashionably Dead.  And the pony tail hair with beret is yummy. The beret changes colors and textures along with the band around the pony tail. My pixels are happy! Hope yours are too.

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On My Head, On Your Head

September 21, 2009

I’ve always been a huge fan of Megg Demina. Chapeau Tres Mignon was one of the first stores I found after arriving in SL. I was intrigued by Megg’s incredibly diverse and amazing collection which range from hats featuring a blue lobster or a grasshopper perched on your head to a Spanish Galleon floating above your curls.  Every hat she makes is full of whimsy and detail. Now fall is here and (yay!) she has released a new group of hats. All with pom-poms. Larger ones and smaller ones and a range of colors too. I took two of my favorites and made a couple of different outfits with them. I love this larger version of the pom-pom hat in black and white. (This hat comes in four other colors as well.) I decided to put it with something a little sophisticated to create a Parisian, walking-along-the-Seine feel. The shoes with anklets add to that look as does the short sleeved striped sweater from Pink. A “Chanel” bag and cuffed leather gloves lend the the final French touch.**weird_010

3 Parisian

For the second outfit I picked the smaller hat in the tartan version. The scarf is from Musim and although it isn’t an exact match I think it works. The coat from Lelutka’s 2008 Fall collection has become a staple in my wardrobe…. I love the shape, the way it stands open and the tweedy texture. It is layered over a sweater from DeLa and a prim shirt from Ce Cubic Effect with a zippered front. (The shirt doesn’t show very well here but it is really cute. It blouses around the waist very realistically.)  Tesla’s Diva oxfords in red bring a little more color to the look. And a tip…remember when wearing hats it is important to find the right hair that works. In this case Lamb’s Egomaniacal (hehe—love the name) hair is flat enough that there is no need to mod the hair in order for the hat to look right. OK…got to run… sure to check out Megg’s wonderful hats….See ya, Elisabeth

Room tartan

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Aoharu headshot Frame2I promised no more pink but —Oops— I still ended up in pink jeans. Well at least the rest is black and white. None of this is new I know, all of these things were items I had in inventory and put together. I have been cleaning and sorting inventory lately and trying not to buy new stuff until I get the closet cleaned out. I don’t even know what I have in there. But as I dig I keep finding all kinds of good things. It is sort of like shopping without the pain of spending. 🙂 The starting point with this outfit came when I found this hair-with-hat combination that I bought ages ago and then never wore. Why not you ask? ’Cause I didn’t remember it was there!!  Yes, I am a little frustrated… I need a new system for sorting things in my closet.  Well ok, I am still working on it.

aoharu 3

Anyway, the beautiful hat and hair from ::69:: started it off and I decided to wear my black Aoharu velvet jacket that I love…it has a great shape. I found a cute sheer blouse from Pink Outfitters that I hadn’t worn yet to layer under it and the beautiful vest is from and it comes on all layers (yay) and is nice and long. The pink (!) jeans are from Emery and I love the way the wrinkles are…so, so wrinkled…just like I get in rl.

accessories black velvet and white camelias

The Maitreya desert boots rock and I pulled on a pair of fat nubby white socks to go with them.  Oh and of course the beautiful white patent camelia brooch from COCO &CO (just like the rl Chanel one). And only 50 lindens! It comes in black patent and fabric tweeds too. The only new thing I am wearing is a Curio skin that I really love. I have been a fan of Gala Phoenix forever and recently this new skin, Beach, was introduced. It has to be my favorite from Curio to date. It even comes in two different make-up lines. 😀 Anyway that is why I did the portrait shot, so you could see this lovely skin.

Soooooo…back to closet sorting…I can’t wait to find some great little surprises.

❤ Elisabeth

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Andiamo a Venezia!

June 2, 2009

Venetian Morning on the Grand Canal PortraitWhen I bought this cute t-shirt from Pink Outfitters I thought it had a summery, sort of nautical feel, but somehow once I added the straw hat…well it definitely had a Venetian feel…. sort of a gondolier’s striped t-shirt with the added cuteness of a lily right in the middle. So dressed for it, I hopped over to Venice to get into the total Venetian experience. The only thing not like Venice — there were no hordes of tourists! 🙂 But the beautiful architecture, the canals of sparkling water and the gondolas were all there.  So a quick trip to Venice and a beautiful sunrise over the Grand Canal. Ahhhhh! Andiamo!

3 Venice in the morning


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Original dress

Wow…between traveling and work, I haven’t had any time to blog. 😦 But I recently logged in and found all the new Paper Couture Spring goodness. I sort of went crazy…Paper Couture crazy!! I love the whole flower theme and the spring colors. The jewelry is fantastic (my jewelry box is now bulging) and the shoes are some of the most incredible I have seen in sl. So I wanted to put a post together— although I know everyone has been there, seen all the fabbie things and spent their lindens!!! Come on, I have to justify—at least to myself—all my spending (!!) So here is one of my favorite Paper Couture Spring Collection outfits, Beaded Wildflowers,  re-imagined a couple of different ways. Above you see the original dress with all its wonderful detail. I really love the colors and textures! The big flower on my head is from one of the incredible new hairs from the Lu sisters–but worn here on a different hair style.

in a frame33+ red hatI love the bright pinks and the tight -fitting pants with this top too. I added the belt with the bow which is modifed and taken from an Armidi coat dress. Below is a third outfit created with the same top by adding a short skirt ….super, super cute… from Sugarcube. It comes in several colors and is a great, versatile addition to the wardrobe. I really love the shape. Instead of the agate necklace worn above, this is worn with the P.C. Fabric Bead scarf necklace….one of my favorite things from the entire P.C. collection. Anyway, sorry about the picture spam but I just couldn’t decide on my favorite…I liked them all.  Hope you do too. Yay for the Lu sisters!!!

short skirt_014 2 girls

P.C. accessories

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Cutie Pie Pumpkin Pants

April 10, 2009

cutie-pie-pumpkin-pantsThe sun is shining, the birdies are singing and I feel……like wearing Pumpkin Pants!!  OK these Pumpkin Pants (really the name) are sooooo cute……that when I walked into Coco’s new  location and saw them, I didn’t think twice…click, click, click. No fatpacks unfortunately—so I just had to get all the colors separately. They come in beige, black, blue and white…all with the belt as part of the pants which means it fits perfectly! The short jean jacket is also from Coco and the sculpty parts are so well done it is irresistible. If you were not into jean jackets before—you will be after you try this one.pumpkin-pants-3

For the hair I wanted something really fun and this one from DejaVu sort of sets the tone for the entire outfit. I think it has a sort of “Cutie Pie” look to it…. just look at the Smiley faces 🙂 on the pony tail holder!!! To finish it off I put on these platform lace-up heels from AW Designs. These shoes make me really smile…there is something a little Minnie Mouse about them…especially worn with something like this. Hope you like it too. OK. Now I am going outside…to listen to the birdies.

See ya,


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It’s All About the Hat.

February 11, 2009

This fantastic hat is a freebie from Coco and comes in red (shown) or in a black and white spotted design (super cute too). I really love it and wanted to put together a tailored spring or summer look to wear with it. I did the first version with a white Armidi blazer and a Lelutka shirt layered under the striped sweater from Pink Outfitters.  (Btw…. Pink is having a L50 sale on everything at their main location right now!!)  Anyway, I loved it with just the sweater too so here it is both ways. Ahhhh, where are you spring?

See ya,

❤ Elisabeth



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