In the darkest of nights the jewelry with the most sparkle is the way to go…even with jeans these fabulous sparklies look great. I usually buy things in sl that I would want in rl if it were possible and for sure…these I would want! Ditto for the boots, I absolutely love these!  The Lu sisters have outdone themselves once again. The long sweater is from TokiD, it hangs beautifully and comes in a myriad of wonderful colors. By the way you will notice that the last picture has a different color lipstick. I put that in because I love the way just a tattoo layer can change the skin so much. Pididdle has some great lipsticks in wonderful unusual colors that work well with most skins so…. go have a look. I actually started this look with the great hair from Tram. You gotta love the bobby pins and the chic little bob. And of course the purse…mesh from Leverocci…pure beauty.
See ya,Elisabeth

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Faux, Faux, Foxy

January 5, 2012

I adore Anya Ohmai’s darling little “fox” stole. And yes…it is faux fur (and of course it is faux, faux fur being pixels and all). She has done an amazing job with this piece….and I love the retro-ness of it. I am wearing it with some fabulous mesh items from Celoe. These pants are just wonderful. Love the shape, the texture, the shading and since they are mesh is is so cool to be able to sit in them and they actually still look like pants! The jacket is also Celoe…once again great technical work with the shape and artistic work with the textures and if either of these were available in rl I would be adding them to my closet. The travel bag is from Mon Tissue—shown here in camel but it comes in other super fun colors so you can always travel in style. The off-white handbag is from Orta. I added some favorite “oldies” to the mix including Dango’s beret by Azure Electricteeth, the fun Fly Earrings by Polyester Partridge, Paper Couture’s huge Moon Ring and LaGyo’s gorgeous bracelets. 

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September 27, 2009


Wow! I just found my all-time favorite leather jacket! Mimikri Kit has really outdone herself this time. When I got a notecard announcing new arrivals I went over to take a look. Everything was wonderful and I bought a lot of other things but this jacket…oh this jacket is really inspired. I wish I could rez it right here in my RL! I think it has the look of Chanel—probably the quilted leather and pearls. And it comes in black, white,  blue, red, plum, blush and nude. (Bet you can’t buy just one) I have been wearing it for 3 days straight and I made a few outfits with. Thought I’d show you just 2. One with pants and one with a short skirt. Enjoy…and go take a look at Mimikri …take your lindens…you will want them.

MimikriPants 3Mimikri-3 blackskirtaccessory composite

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On My Head, On Your Head

September 21, 2009

I’ve always been a huge fan of Megg Demina. Chapeau Tres Mignon was one of the first stores I found after arriving in SL. I was intrigued by Megg’s incredibly diverse and amazing collection which range from hats featuring a blue lobster or a grasshopper perched on your head to a Spanish Galleon floating above your curls.  Every hat she makes is full of whimsy and detail. Now fall is here and (yay!) she has released a new group of hats. All with pom-poms. Larger ones and smaller ones and a range of colors too. I took two of my favorites and made a couple of different outfits with them. I love this larger version of the pom-pom hat in black and white. (This hat comes in four other colors as well.) I decided to put it with something a little sophisticated to create a Parisian, walking-along-the-Seine feel. The shoes with anklets add to that look as does the short sleeved striped sweater from Pink. A “Chanel” bag and cuffed leather gloves lend the the final French touch.**weird_010

3 Parisian

For the second outfit I picked the smaller hat in the tartan version. The scarf is from Musim and although it isn’t an exact match I think it works. The coat from Lelutka’s 2008 Fall collection has become a staple in my wardrobe…. I love the shape, the way it stands open and the tweedy texture. It is layered over a sweater from DeLa and a prim shirt from Ce Cubic Effect with a zippered front. (The shirt doesn’t show very well here but it is really cute. It blouses around the waist very realistically.)  Tesla’s Diva oxfords in red bring a little more color to the look. And a tip…remember when wearing hats it is important to find the right hair that works. In this case Lamb’s Egomaniacal (hehe—love the name) hair is flat enough that there is no need to mod the hair in order for the hat to look right. OK…got to run… sure to check out Megg’s wonderful hats….See ya, Elisabeth

Room tartan

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Hey, Is It Fall Yet ??

August 24, 2009

two large

I know it is still August and still hot as all *%#. I love summer and summer clothes but when the heat just goes on and on, I start to dream of crisp fall days.  Yeah… sooooo when this uber cute top caught my eye the other day at MNK I snatched it up in a can’t-wait-for-September fit. It comes in several colors but I went for this lovely, rich, dark brown plaid since it had the most autumnal feel. I admit I snagged another color too…(at only 80 lindens they are a real bargain!)  I love the textures on this top…the plaid as well as the beautifully textured velvet trim and bows. And you get both styles— the plainer one with the cowl collar and velvet ribbon at the neck and the ruffly one with the velvet bows on the arms. All I added were my favorite Zaara velour jeans with the zipper trim, Tesla’s heeled oxfords and Lelutka’s cut velvet purse…..oh, and a little jewelry. Nothing more to say but ….”Please can we have some cooler weather?”  Yay autumn!


Frilly topplain top

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Shopping day2

Well, another incredibly busy week and not much time to blog. But, finally, I was able to log in for a while so I have a few new things to write about—I really hit the stores and mad a big dent in my pocketbook. I have to credit my friend Anya Ohmai because she found these “fat” pants first,  but I think they are super cute and after I made an outfit with them decided I would go ahead and show them. Well technically they are called Arajin pants, but they are all puffy and fat so….;)  Well, I hope they don’t make me look fat (do they?) ’cause I love the fullness and shape of them. They are available in 4 colors and only cost 50L so they are a real bargain! I added a  tightly fitted, long-sleeved tee that I would definitely wear in rl and one of my new favorite scarfs from Michami. The tee has wonderful texturing and as a bonus  comes with the brooch attached.  The Armidi gold belt is nice and chunky and is an old favorite.

fat pants accessories2

I wanted some sort of heavy, chunky shoes to balance the pants and these are the Safari Schoo from AW Design worn with a pair of white anklets from Maitreya. Oh and by the way check out the fabbie earrings. They are part of the new collection from LaGyo. Read more below and click on the pictures for a larger more detailed view.

Fat pants-3 girls

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Andiamo a Venezia!

June 2, 2009

Venetian Morning on the Grand Canal PortraitWhen I bought this cute t-shirt from Pink Outfitters I thought it had a summery, sort of nautical feel, but somehow once I added the straw hat…well it definitely had a Venetian feel…. sort of a gondolier’s striped t-shirt with the added cuteness of a lily right in the middle. So dressed for it, I hopped over to Venice to get into the total Venetian experience. The only thing not like Venice — there were no hordes of tourists! 🙂 But the beautiful architecture, the canals of sparkling water and the gondolas were all there.  So a quick trip to Venice and a beautiful sunrise over the Grand Canal. Ahhhhh! Andiamo!

3 Venice in the morning


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