I <3 Onyx and Beau

May 1, 2010

A new release from Maitreya! Used to be that wearing socks with sandals was a big fashion no-no…but this year it is a huge trend. And I have to say I ❤ the new Allure sandals with the sock or tights option (or you can get them without)…and I love Onyx and Beau who created these little wonders. I have been waiting for something like this for months. And it should be no surprise that it comes from Maitreya. They are always on the forefront of the all things fashionable. I am also wearing one of their new Bra tops under the black Gisaci trench. Although with this outfit you can barely see the Bra top…they are gorgeous and come in loads of colors. (I myself couldn’t decide/resist and went for the fatpack.) The trench is a much-loved classic from my closet and still a big favorite. The glamorous page boy hair with hat is a new release from I Love Olive (this style is available only at Vita’s Boudoir). I Love Olive is making some of the most fun styles around these days…and I am a sucker for hats. The skin is a pre-release from Bella Di Notte. I can’t wait to see the other make-ups from the line…the face is really, really beautiful. Okay…I have to go now and try on more of the socks and sandal combination…..Details and landmarks after the cut.

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On My Head, On Your Head

September 21, 2009

I’ve always been a huge fan of Megg Demina. Chapeau Tres Mignon was one of the first stores I found after arriving in SL. I was intrigued by Megg’s incredibly diverse and amazing collection which range from hats featuring a blue lobster or a grasshopper perched on your head to a Spanish Galleon floating above your curls.  Every hat she makes is full of whimsy and detail. Now fall is here and (yay!) she has released a new group of hats. All with pom-poms. Larger ones and smaller ones and a range of colors too. I took two of my favorites and made a couple of different outfits with them. I love this larger version of the pom-pom hat in black and white. (This hat comes in four other colors as well.) I decided to put it with something a little sophisticated to create a Parisian, walking-along-the-Seine feel. The shoes with anklets add to that look as does the short sleeved striped sweater from Pink. A “Chanel” bag and cuffed leather gloves lend the the final French touch.**weird_010

3 Parisian

For the second outfit I picked the smaller hat in the tartan version. The scarf is from Musim and although it isn’t an exact match I think it works. The coat from Lelutka’s 2008 Fall collection has become a staple in my wardrobe…. I love the shape, the way it stands open and the tweedy texture. It is layered over a sweater from DeLa and a prim shirt from Ce Cubic Effect with a zippered front. (The shirt doesn’t show very well here but it is really cute. It blouses around the waist very realistically.)  Tesla’s Diva oxfords in red bring a little more color to the look. And a tip…remember when wearing hats it is important to find the right hair that works. In this case Lamb’s Egomaniacal (hehe—love the name) hair is flat enough that there is no need to mod the hair in order for the hat to look right. OK…got to run…..be sure to check out Megg’s wonderful hats….See ya, Elisabeth

Room tartan

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Oh My!! Ohmai!

August 2, 2009

OhMy Ohmai!

Anya Ohmai has just released the first pieces of her new clothing line and they are really super. I was so excited to see this cute military style jacket and couldn’t wait to put together an outfit with it. It comes in 4 colors but since I am partial to brown,  I decided to start with that!  The jacket has gold braid, a prim collar and prim puffy sleeves…. and the cutest prim buttons running down the front. I wore it over Malt’s Willow tunic ’cause the colors and the shape seemed so perfect. I wanted tight leggings and you can’t go wrong with Maiiki’s. They are so shiny and have the just right scrunchy bits around the ankles. The necklace is from Malt too and I was able to color the pearls to match the tunic. (Yay for being able to change the texture color!)  I wanted a hat with this and Lamb’s hair with a beret that is also “colorable” was great.  Paulina Kaestner’s French bag had the right casual look  and the color was right on.

OhMy Ohmai

So to Anya….”Go girl!” And congratulations on a great start running start…I can’t wait for all the goodies that I know she will be making.  By the way she is doing hair too along with clothing and I heard she already has a shop open at Creator’s pavilion so tp over there and check it out!! I’m going right now…

See ya,

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Ocean, Raspberry, Lemongrass

I recently wrote a post about a favorite fun party dress, “Adrianna” from Stitch by Stitch. I love the creativity of  Sevenstar Amat, designer of Stitch By Stitch and decided to do a second post about another of my favorites from her store. What I love about this dress is that it comes in great colors, it has a wonderful full skirt with a poufy net underskirt that shows just a little, and a little rose and bead decoration at the waist. The fabric has a slightly watery texture like big drops of rain had fallen on it. The netting on the underskirt has lot of little pieces of colored fabric attached that adds a little extra color. ❤   This dress really lends itself to accessorizing. So I took three colors from my closet and did them all up a little differently.

OceanThe first look is the dress in all it’s adorable cuteness just as it is. All I added was the wide patent belt. The hat/hair is a new one from Argrace picked up at the hair fair, I love the way the hair is swept around and hangs over one shoulder!  The tats give the outfit a little edge..if you haven’t been to Tattoo World, go check it out….they have so many fantastic ones. The shoes aren’t really new but they are sooo cute from Kookie’s.

More stitches red

The Raspberry dress is a yummy color. The little jacket is a blouse from Digit Darkes and I ❤ the little pleats and the sheerness of it. The super cute clutch from Atelier AM has a pearled chain handle and a tiny bow at the closure. The hair is another great one from Lamb! Gotta love the sweeping side bangs and how it is starting to come loose on one side.

Three girls green

The Lemongrass has to be my favorite. The color is amazing. The kitten heels from 50 flats are a perfect match and the sweater from Mischief is so cute and well done. I was really happy with this combination, lots of layers and my favorite hair from the hairfair by Dernier Cri.

Hope you like them,
❤ Elisabeth

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Stitch by Stitch

July 22, 2009

SBS lgdots

Sevenstar Amat has all kinds of beautiful dresses and other cute creations in her shop, Stitch by Stitch. I was chatting with her not too long ago and she sent me this really fun, cute new dress from her collection. And I love it!  She makes her fabric designs herself and I think this one is great. She is really an artist, no doubt about that.  I love the festive, frilly ribbon trim around the hem and the dress has some prim bows too, all of which don’t show here (they are hidden under the jacket). I tried this dress with any number of colored tights, without tights, with different tops under and different jackets over. It looked fantastic every which way but I today my favorite is this combination. I have added a sheer top from Maitreya under the bodice of the dress. The poufy, sheer jacket is from Paper Couture’s spring collection (it’s a big favorite of mine). The large ball-shaped, rose-covered earrings are from LaGyo… if you haven’t seen her new collection you have to go…but be sure you have your lindens ready. You will want to spend them. There will be more from Stitch By Stitch to come!

New 3

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Andiamo a Venezia!

June 2, 2009

Venetian Morning on the Grand Canal PortraitWhen I bought this cute t-shirt from Pink Outfitters I thought it had a summery, sort of nautical feel, but somehow once I added the straw hat…well it definitely had a Venetian feel…. sort of a gondolier’s striped t-shirt with the added cuteness of a lily right in the middle. So dressed for it, I hopped over to Venice to get into the total Venetian experience. The only thing not like Venice — there were no hordes of tourists! 🙂 But the beautiful architecture, the canals of sparkling water and the gondolas were all there.  So a quick trip to Venice and a beautiful sunrise over the Grand Canal. Ahhhhh! Andiamo!

3 Venice in the morning


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Taking Care of Business

March 17, 2009

taking care of business/city

Things really have been hectic these past few days in SL. What with the Relay for Life Clothing Fair and all its fantastic people— the organizers, the designers, the entertainers and the general shopping public who have been there in droves—it is hard to think about much else. But at the same time we have St. Paddy’s Day, some great hunts and (!) Lelutka’s Spring line coming out. So, I have decided to show what I have been wearing around instead of featuring all the new items I have been adding to my already bulging inventory. (I need a day or two to sort it all out!)  Anyway, I love this look with its tight, straight skirt and patent leather belt paired with the Akeyo man-ish hat and severe hair cut. To balance out the masculinity there are the diamond earrings from Redgrave that give it a nice little edge. The plaid top is from Lelutka’s LaLa coat from their Fall collection. To soften the neckline, sey’s Afghan stole which is scriptable (both to resize and texture).  By the way, I did NOT wear this to the RFL as everyone is asked to please keep their ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as possible. Free outfits are being given out which will help reduce lag and make the Fair a better experience for everyone. For info on how to reduce ARC check out the official blog of RFL here.


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