Hey, Is It Fall Yet ??

August 24, 2009

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I know it is still August and still hot as all *%#. I love summer and summer clothes but when the heat just goes on and on, I start to dream of crisp fall days.  Yeah… sooooo when this uber cute top caught my eye the other day at MNK I snatched it up in a can’t-wait-for-September fit. It comes in several colors but I went for this lovely, rich, dark brown plaid since it had the most autumnal feel. I admit I snagged another color too…(at only 80 lindens they are a real bargain!)  I love the textures on this top…the plaid as well as the beautifully textured velvet trim and bows. And you get both styles— the plainer one with the cowl collar and velvet ribbon at the neck and the ruffly one with the velvet bows on the arms. All I added were my favorite Zaara velour jeans with the zipper trim, Tesla’s heeled oxfords and Lelutka’s cut velvet purse…..oh, and a little jewelry. Nothing more to say but ….”Please can we have some cooler weather?”  Yay autumn!


Frilly topplain top

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Ocean, Raspberry, Lemongrass

I recently wrote a post about a favorite fun party dress, “Adrianna” from Stitch by Stitch. I love the creativity of  Sevenstar Amat, designer of Stitch By Stitch and decided to do a second post about another of my favorites from her store. What I love about this dress is that it comes in great colors, it has a wonderful full skirt with a poufy net underskirt that shows just a little, and a little rose and bead decoration at the waist. The fabric has a slightly watery texture like big drops of rain had fallen on it. The netting on the underskirt has lot of little pieces of colored fabric attached that adds a little extra color. ❤   This dress really lends itself to accessorizing. So I took three colors from my closet and did them all up a little differently.

OceanThe first look is the dress in all it’s adorable cuteness just as it is. All I added was the wide patent belt. The hat/hair is a new one from Argrace picked up at the hair fair, I love the way the hair is swept around and hangs over one shoulder!  The tats give the outfit a little edge..if you haven’t been to Tattoo World, go check it out….they have so many fantastic ones. The shoes aren’t really new but they are sooo cute from Kookie’s.

More stitches red

The Raspberry dress is a yummy color. The little jacket is a blouse from Digit Darkes and I ❤ the little pleats and the sheerness of it. The super cute clutch from Atelier AM has a pearled chain handle and a tiny bow at the closure. The hair is another great one from Lamb! Gotta love the sweeping side bangs and how it is starting to come loose on one side.

Three girls green

The Lemongrass has to be my favorite. The color is amazing. The kitten heels from 50 flats are a perfect match and the sweater from Mischief is so cute and well done. I was really happy with this combination, lots of layers and my favorite hair from the hairfair by Dernier Cri.

Hope you like them,
❤ Elisabeth

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While cleaning and sorting inventory the other day I came across an old favorite from Last Call. The whole LC outfit is named Marguerite and I always loved it. Beautiful textures and design, the trademark of Ginny Talamasca. I confess I am guilty of wearing mostly new acquisitions …probably because I forget what I have buried in the deep recesses of my closet!  Oh, so here was the perfect opportunity to put it  (the top at least) together with one of my new favorites from Coco, the Party Dress.  Since the Last Call top is transparent I added under it the top part of another old favorite from Ghost! by Triangle Caudron. (Ghost! is no longer around but Triangle is and has a new store called Triangle so go see it for some of the most imaginative design on the grid.)  A recent purchase was the Goth Necklace from Fashionably Dead….I love the multiple chains and the length. The sash is taken from Day Dream from Sweetest Goodbye, which I modified slightly. I found this clutch bag at +plus and if you haven’t been there you should go, lots of really great goodies there. Anyway after a hard day of cleaning inventory I was happy with this look and have resolved to continue to incorporate older items from my inventory into my daily wardrobe. Those that have the quality and the style will stay in the closet and the others that haven’t stood the test of time will be weeded out and *gasp* deleted.  The point is don’t forget the some of the old favs……bring them out and have fun!

❤ Elisabeth



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Sweater Love

November 3, 2008

Okay, so in every closet or drawer there is one thing you really, really LOVE. Well, this Ibizarre cropped pink sweater with its crewel embroidered flowers is something I just adore. The textures are amazing and, although I am not always a girl who goes for bright colors, when I slip into this little cardigan I always feel happy. And it can go with everything…from a snowy day in the mountains to a campus look to a slightly dressier look.  So here are three different looks built around this piece.

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