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November 9, 2009

3 Pink outifttersPO back

Patchwork is cute and just a little retro and these shorts from Pink Outfitters are both.  (They’re not new, but I forgot I had them and how cute they were!)  I love the embroidery on the back pocket. ❤  They are worn here with the Billie lace tank top…also from PO…double cute!  The long-sleeved thermal top in robin’s egg blue is from Pig. These thermals are wardrobe staple must-haves, especially now that it is getting cooler outside. The jacket is from enSvale and it is probably my favorite denim jacket right now. The detailing is just perfect. Look at the seams on the back…..  🙂 The accessories add some fun and every item shown here is high quality in both the texturing and the design. J’s engineer boots which fold up or down and change colors (with the fatpack option) are beautifully made. Everything from Maitreya is great and Maitreya’s Coin Belt is no exception. It gives the look a little weight as do the Goth Necklaces from Fashionably Dead.  And the pony tail hair with beret is yummy. The beret changes colors and textures along with the band around the pony tail. My pixels are happy! Hope yours are too.

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Pink is the new Black

September 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink2Ok, well maybe not. But I admit it. I must love pink. I typed pink into my inventory the other day and I couldn’t believe how much pink I actually had. It seems to have inundated my closet. The reason I had typed pink in the first place was that I had found some cute shorts and knee length pants at MNK Shop and was trying on various combinations with existing inventory pieces. Anyway I had fun and came up with a couple of looks I liked and so decided to share them. First of all let me say, if you haven’t been to MNK then by all means GO! Lots of really cute items. When I saw these I clicked on “buy” immediately and when I got home and tried them on I wasn’t disappointed. There were three different pant shapes in the package. (I only show two here but the third is cute too…a little like culottes.) The set of three pants is only 90 lindens—what a bargain 🙂 —and they come in two other colors too.

Pretty in Pink/3 shortsThe first look is with the puffy shorts and a sweater that is also from MNK. The sweater knit is a great texture and I love the shape of the bottom and how it stands out and doesn’t hug the body. It is also only 90 lindens and comes in six other colors as well. I put it with a prim vest from Sweetest Goodbye which worked well over the sweater prim.  I also love, love, love the purse from tres blah. Yummy. The book sticking out and the bow on the front really add a whimsical touch. The knit scarf is also from tres blah and just look at the cute little bird pin that comes on it. ❤

Pretty in Pink/knee pantsThe knee-length pants I put with an old favorite, the Lima trench coat from Armidi, but worn here only with the jacket layer. The shoes are Teese from Lelutka’s Spring Collection. I adore the chunkiness of the shoe and heel. The tote bag by Malt has a great suede texture and shape. It gives this look a slightly more serious tone. Anyway, hope you like the outfits. Stay pink and be happy.

See ya,

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Meet Oscar!

March 2, 2009

oscar-composite-2Look what I got for my birthday…Oscar! Isn’t he cute? I know you have already seen these darling dogs sold by Zoobies….they really are the ultimate accessory and they are so much fun. He looks around, and barks, and makes all kinds of little puppy noises. (Luckily it’s all menu-driven if you don’t want to be bothered by the sound).  Oscar is accessorizing a cute little Tyrolean outfit from Anuenue…one of my newly found favorite stores. The cardigan is a nicely textured, Austrian boiled wool with ribbon trim embroidered with what looks very much like edelweiss ❤ .   The half pants are wide-wale corduroy trimmed with mouton at the knee and they have the most wonderful pocket and waistband detail. (To see the detail larger, click on the photo.) I  love the Timberland-style hiking boots from Swaffette Firefly and the belt from Reale. Oh, oh, oh… and check the detailing on Oscar’s carrier…toys! Even a miniature sock-monkey. It just can’t get any cuter.

❤  Elisabeth


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Hamburger Girl

December 14, 2008

Hamburger? What hamburger? OK…I was eating a hamburger from Pudge while wearing this outfit. But what I really wanted to show off was the cool new backpack purse from Coco. I have been looking for this type of purse for a while now and snapped it up the other day when I popped into Coco. Just so you know, it certainly was not my only purchase there. (What a cute store….more to come in a future post on that!)  At any rate, I pulled this outfit together to wear with the purse…hahaha…sort of the opposite of how it usually works. I also wanted to wear my new pants and skirt from Kurotsubaki and this is how it all came together. I’ve  had fun wearing this around for a day or two and hope you like it as much as I do. P.S. The hamburger was yummy.

❤ Elisabeth




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