The Birds

February 13, 2012

Channeling Tippi Hedren while taking my little dog for a walk, things got a little frightening (!) but at least I was wearing some of my favorite new mesh items. I love the Harris coat from S h i. Here I have not worn all the attachments so it looks more like a short jacket with elbow length sleeves. I like the short sort of casualness of it and the little touch of luxury with the fur collar. (It is gorgeous as a full coat and comes with two variations of the sleeves and I am sure most of you have seen it as it has been blogged a lot.) The skin tight leather pants are part of Maitreya’s mesh offerings. They are beautifully detailed and come in several dark and subtle color variations. The shoes are called Treaders …. I seriously love the rubber soles and slightly chunky look. They are also from Maitreya and are not mesh nor do they come with the foot in them so you can add your own socks—yay—which I did. I am loving the scarf from Zaara…it was part of the final 50 linden Friday. (So sorry that is gone.) It looks like a great Hermes scarf. The Cinch Belt is by Gospel Voom and as always with his creations, beautifully designed and crafted. I tried not to go overboard with the jewelry…the earrings from LaGyo make such a bold statement you don’t need much else so I limited it to some great rings and a little bracelet. Kept it simple with a classic purse in ostrich from Fleshtone so it wouldn’t compete with my dog carrier bag from Zoobies. OK got to run..the birds……….. As always click on any photo for a hi-res version and more detail! See ya, Elisabeth

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To Boho or not to Boho….

February 16, 2009

…that is the question. I was so excited to see Maitreya’s new releases and raced down to see all the yummy newness. I really loved the new sculpted tops and belts and finally chose which colors to bring home. My first inclination was to go Boho and I quickly put together the first look.  I originally thought I would use the batik version for the Boho look but as it turned out once I started working with the batik top a totally different, definitely non-Boho version was the outcome. I liked them both and so I share them with you…hope you like them too!

❤ Elisabeth

Look One:


3-for-blogLook Two:


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Ooowee, ooowee Baby! …All this cold, dreary weather has made me long for a wonderful cruise somewhere on a blue ocean, sunny and warm. So, I started thinking of what I have in my closet for just such an occasion. I found this…one of my favorites from Ibizarre, a black and white shirt/jacket…perfect cruise wear! I had to show it with two different pants because we all know when you pack for trips you need to get the most out of every piece….changing things up with different accessories or other wardrobe pieces. Ok…so I am ready…but still thinking about what else I have in my closet to take along! I’ll send you a postcard.

See ya,



Sea Cruise PostCard

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Bijouaholic Babe

November 12, 2008



The new bijou sim (bijouaholic) is open  and the new store is all it was promised to be. A beautiful build and a new collection too. Well maybe not a whole new collection but there are lots of cute new items. One that really appealed to me is this dress from the Aria outfit. The Aria set includes two jackets—one long-sleeved with fur trim and one short-sleeved version— and a pair of black pants and gloves. I love the length of the skirt and also this rich, elegant, chocolate brown Jacquard fabric. With black satin collar and black satin above-the-elbow gloves…what can I say but WOW!  I paired it with Stiletto Moody’s Bitch booties to give it a little edge, a big chunky necklace and earrings from Paper Couture,  and a  wrapped stole from Cubic Effect.

❤ Elisabeth

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In the Trenches

November 3, 2008

So I know this trench coat is going to get the heck blogged out of it so I may as well blog it too. I love it. It comes in lots and lots and lots of colors but I went for the dark brown….it looks like soft leather to me. I felt in the mood for something a little chic today so I paired the coat with Cachet’s Seven Dress in black. Love the scrunchy front and the slightly below the knees hemline. I thought it needed a long pendant style necklace and this one from cream shop is one of my favorites. (I wish I could get it in rl!) The earrings are from the new fall collection of Paper Couture and have a matching necklace (not shown). For a lttle color- the patterned tights from bijou and the Trish Velvet handbag from Cachet which, by the way, comes with it’s own very cool ao. I may be wearing this around for a few days!

See ya,

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Sweater Love

November 3, 2008

Okay, so in every closet or drawer there is one thing you really, really LOVE. Well, this Ibizarre cropped pink sweater with its crewel embroidered flowers is something I just adore. The textures are amazing and, although I am not always a girl who goes for bright colors, when I slip into this little cardigan I always feel happy. And it can go with everything…from a snowy day in the mountains to a campus look to a slightly dressier look.  So here are three different looks built around this piece.

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