Pumpkin Eater

January 15, 2012

I am a big fan of hats, I have been since I joined SL but wow… they have really come a long way. When I found this wonderful hat from Georgyna (LaGyo) it was instant love and the start of this look. Soft and beautifully shaped it comes in many simply gorgeous colors and you can change the color of the button and string band with a built-in script. I added from Mon Tissue a great all around suede jacket. Love the way it cinches in at the waist and then flounces out. The pumps are also from Mon Tissue and the are the perfect little heel for a sporty look. The cropped pants—a length I love in RL as well—are from Willow. They are a huge favorite of mine right now.  I found an old favorite in my scarf drawer from Artilleri. It’s a classic, one of the first scarfs I ever bought and I still love it. I don’t know why I needed a briefcase for looking at pumpkins but it is cute. And the little shoulder purse is TokiDoki, a real ❤ with its embroidered flowers on the flap.
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Yes, plenty cold and lots of the white stuff falling. But we can stay toasty and warm with all the cute furs and winter gear around the grid right now. I love the all-white looks for snow. And now you can even find skins made for winter. Gala Phoenix at Curio has done some really cute skins that look as though you have been out in the cold with rosy cheeks and flushed skin. This one even has frosty white eyeshadow to match the sparkly snow. ❤ The fur stole from DP yumyum with the little fringe trim is perfect for keeping the shoulders covered and the shiny pants from Lelutka are definitely  on my favorite list.  They are beautifully rendered and look great in every color. Here they are perfect apres-ski pants but put them with heels and they are sexy and sleek. Kookies’ boots are just yummy….and they come in so many colors, you won’t be able to choose!  Details on the rest of the outfit are listed after the cut. Take care and stay warm!

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White Ice and Cold Nights

November 6, 2009

Empress coat snowVisiting the Winterstock market yesterday really put me into the holiday mood. While I explored that incredible place I was wearing this warm and elegant coat. Well, this is the season for fur! Every year the virtual furs get better and better and this year my fur closet has grown by leaps and bounds…. so expect to see a lot of them from me during the coming weeks. Even in my real world the cold has arrived so bundling up just feels so right. The coat is from June Dion at BareRose. Not only do I love the coat but the price is right at only 130 lindens. My fur headband is by Megg Demina, designer and owner of  Chapeau tres Mignon. The shoes (<3) are also by Megg. They’re part of a Napoleonic collection she created that includes shoes, hats and even military ribbons. I really, really love the silver attachments on the toe of the shoes and the gold tassles that hang from the ankle. The pants are from Boom…got to love the huge flares. And for a little more “ice”, the necklace from Icon seemed like the right choice. Mmmmm, I feel warmer now.withbagwhitenew composite1 Read the rest of this entry »

I Wanna Be a Cowgirl

July 23, 2009

with frame

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all  day…..how can I give up my dreams of the wild west and cowgirl fun…..WAIT! ….with Milk Motions cool, fringed, long T-shirt I don’t have to. Yee-ha. 🙂  This is super cute and the fringed parts are soooo fringe-a-licious.  Plus I got the one with the wild horses on the front which makes it even more western.  You gotta love the sculpty bits, just look at the way it is sort of baggy ❤ .The shoulder bag is an old one (the first bag I ever bought in SL!) from Shiny Things and and has just the right worn leather look. Scuffed up leather cowboy boots from Hoorenbeek.  Guess I’m ready for the round-up. Get along little doggie and all that stuff.

Milk Motion3

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Maltie Goodness

June 18, 2009

close up Malt purple jacketMalt recently released some incredibly cute suede jackets and skirts. You can buy them separately so mixing and mashing is easy. And the jacket is not just a jacket but can work as a vest, or a short sleeve jacket as well. There are several colors—all wonderful! Here I put together a couple of different looks with just two of the colors. I love the detail (hand stitching) and the suede texture is so fantastic I want to rub my pixel fingers all over it….soft!!! worn under it is one of the cutest tops around right now from Kookies— the Twiggy vest. It comes on all layers so you can wear it under, over, tucked in or out. I love it when designers give us that option…makes all the difference in putting things together. The Malt skirt and jacket also come on multiple layers. 🙂3 malt skirt and jacket

For the second version I made a super casual jeans look with the Raffia colored “vest”. I am wearing another vest under it..and a blouse under that for maximum layering fun.  Anyway, this is another winner from Malt and I think Khea Karas is one of the best designers in sl right now. Always raising the bar with her styles and textures. The fit on the skirt is really amazing and the belt is available as a separate piece too so you can use it with other outfits. Yay! The jeans are from Malt too and I love the way they fit. Oh and the hair from Foam (first look) is new to me. I love it. Nice and full and yet wispy too. If you haven’t been to Foam go it check out —they have lots of cute hair.

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<3-ing Cupcakes, Part II

March 13, 2009


Yesterday I wrote a post featuring the beautiful Loli asymmetrical jacket from Cupcakes with a sophisticated, dressy pant. Today, I wanted to show two other looks put together with the same jacket. In the first photo the jacket is worn with a skirt.  I think it looks great with a skirt—even a slightly full one like this super-cute balloon skirt from the Creamshop. (A great skirt to have and it is available in many, many —nine,  I think— colors.)  I love pieces like these that can work with everything and I was really surprised at how great this little  jacket blended with almost everything I tried. I included a back view so you could see the detail on the back of the jacket…so pretty. By the way, Loli also comes in three other beautiful jewel tone colors.

The second outfit is much more casual and pairs the asymmetrical jacket with Zaara’s new velour pants and a pair of riding boots. To contrast with the casualness of the pants and belt,  the necklace is a dressy gold, pearl and crystal one from Paper Couture and the purse is an alligator handbag from Lelutka. The bag is one of my favorites that works well with almost anything.

Hope you like it too!

❤ Elisabeth


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Sweater Love

November 3, 2008

Okay, so in every closet or drawer there is one thing you really, really LOVE. Well, this Ibizarre cropped pink sweater with its crewel embroidered flowers is something I just adore. The textures are amazing and, although I am not always a girl who goes for bright colors, when I slip into this little cardigan I always feel happy. And it can go with everything…from a snowy day in the mountains to a campus look to a slightly dressier look.  So here are three different looks built around this piece.

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