Hi, I’m Elisabeth

I love to dig to the bottom of my virtual closet and pull out an item and build a look around it. So, I blog about things that are old as well as new. I shop around a lot and love to find new things– especially accessories–which in my opinion are what really makes the outfit your own.

Depending on my mood, the weather in rl or simply on what I plan to do on any particular day in sl, I like to change my look.

Although this is primarily a style blog, I may also mention sims I come across and particularly like, events, clubs, happenings…. or anything that strikes my fancy in sl.

I buy many of the items that I blog but if you would like to send me copies of your designs or would like for me to come see your shop, please drop me a notecard or send an IM. If you send items, please include a photo if possible. It makes it easier and faster for me to see what it is and improves the chances that I will see it and blog it. I do not do reviews as such. If I like the item and can include it I will. And I love to meet people and see new things, so contact me!


Second Life, SL and Linden Lab are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.  Oulalamode is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

One Response to “About”

  1. Dear Elisabeth,
    I am absolutely thrilled from your Graphics.
    I am a private graphic designer (just for fun and nonprofit) and I am
    writing tutorials for Paint Shop Pro (graphic program).
    I would like to ask you for permission to use your Images for making Signtags,Blends,Graphics animations and letters
    for IncrediMail.
    What I can promise you is I am doing this just for fun
    and nonprofit.
    It is selfevident for me to place a Copyright advice including
    your Website Address.
    Of course in every tutorial in which I have used a your photos
    I will link your Banner and also to write to your Copyright.
    I am looking forward to your estimated answer.
    Here my Website :http://www.bluefay-tutorials.de
    Yours faithfully

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