I’ll take mine a l’Orange

March 3, 2012

Still winter here so I thought a little bright color might cheer things up. And is there and color brighter or more cheerful than orange? The fur vest from So Many Styles has been in my closet for a while and now seemed the perfect time to bring it out. This is one of the cutest fur vests around and it comes in fantastic colors and a lot of them. The chunky shoes from Fashionboi Landar are the perfect bright shade to pair with the vest …they match the cord ties.  Underneath is a really old vintage sweater from Gisaci but it still rocks. The gold muted color and the scooped neck work here (although it also has a beautiful draped, collar attachment that I am not wearing). I really like to use older pieces if they are still high quality and most everything I have from Armidi is. The other vintage thing I am wearing is my “&Bean” skin. The &Bean skins are no longer available but they have always been some of my favorites because of their strong look. The sheer slightly frilly tank top with the gold sequin trim is by Nylon Pinkney. Her hand-painted items are always wonderful…lots of style, imagination and fun! I really like that you can see the high-waist of the leopard jeans/tights (R.icielli) under it.

The glasses from Izzie’s remind me of Diane Keaton (maybe Annie Hall?) and the hair with the wrapped scarf give the whole thing a real boho flavour. The sunglasses have different tints for the lenses and the scarf has several texture change options too! If you look you can barely see a peek of the fantastic mesh earrings from Beetlebones in the large photo. I had to buy the fatpack…not only did I love the shape and design but the colors are beautiful and each color comes with gold or silver bezels. For the rest of the jewelry I wanted sort of a mix of necklaces and these are from Atelier AM and Mandala. The purple gloves are from Royal blue by Marni Grut. I really like the way the cuffs on these look and they are wide enough to fit over other pieces (plus you can size the attachments which always helps). The purse which has been blogged many times now—so you must have already seen it—is one of the many  mesh items from Maitreya. This mustard color was a special edition but it also comes in a lot of other wonderful colors. Details on everything after the cut. Well it may still be cold here but at least the sun is shining so I am going out! As always, for high-resolution versions of the photos, just click. See ya, Elisabeth

Fur Vest: So Many Styles;  Fur PomPom Vest, Orange
Sweater: Gisaci; Au Fraize Boucle Sweater, Gold
Sheer Tank: Nylon Outfitters; Tiffany Sequin Tank
Jeans: R.icielli; Clarissa, Highwaistjeans, Wild

Shoes: HouseofFox; EdgyPump, Burnt Orange
Gloves: Royal Blue; Put ’Em Up Gloves, Purple Mesh
Sungasses: Izzie’s; 70s Sunglasses, Gold (tintable lenses)
Purse: Maitreya; Leather Satchel, Mustard (mesh)

Bracelet: Atelier AM ; pearl braceret *white
Necklace 1: Atelier AM; Chunky pearl necklace, White
Necklace 2: Mandala; Karma Necklace, Saga Gold
Earrings: Beetlebones; Nugget Earring, Gold champagne (mesh)

Hair and Scarf: Mirai Style; Paio; Lightbrown (texture change scarf)
Skin: &Bean; The Light Anger Kicks (no longer available)
Teeth:  *Redgrave*
Lipgloss: Dutch Touch;  Makeup, LIPGloss, Faded Serie, Orange


2 Responses to “I’ll take mine a l’Orange”

  1. Great clothes this is ownage

  2. Buy Lindens Says:

    I ❤ this look!

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