February 11, 2012

OK. I said I was sort of obsessed with this skirt. This is one of the other looks I put together with it. A more casual, younger look guaranteed to bring out your inner nerd but I thought it was fun so I decided to share. First, gotta love the Lucy Ricardo glasses, so very retro. The cardigan is from Tres Blah and with the small sparkles on the shoulder it makes it not-your-usual cardigan and I think it has a little retro look too. The shirt is actually made of pieces from two different shirts. I wanted the long shirt tail and belt from the Maitreya shirt but to make the collar work with the sweater I had to use an older one from Gisaci. The silver brogues (also from Leverocci) are another retro look really popular now…I ❤ brogues and I especially like them in this shiny silver version teamed with slouchy socks. Two bags were needed…. the small one to keep my pixel cash in and the larger one for important pixel stuff too big to fit in the other smaller bag. The large purse is from So Many Styles, sort of a doctor bag shape and the small one from TokiD. Some cool jewelry from DDL, 2 necklaces and a watch plus from Addict one of my favorite rings, a golden chocolate piece. Have a great week-end. See ya, Elisabeth

Cardigan: Tres Blah; Boyfriend Cardigan – Verona
Shirt: Gisaci; Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top, Aufren White
Shirt tail: Maitreya; BF Shirt, White
Skirt: Leverocci; Iris Print Skirt

Shoes: Leverocci; Glossy Brogues, Silver
Socks: Maitreya Prim Socks, Seashell
Large Bag: SMS; Doctor’s Bag Tomato
Small Bag: TokiD; Stumble Bag, Grey
Glasses: DDL; Eyewear, Lolita Glasses, Black
Necklace: DDL: For God’s Sake!, Bright Gold
Earrings: Yummy; Fly Earrings
Ring: AddiCt; Chocolate Ring, Gold
Watch: DDL;  PLay, White

Hair: LeLutka; Wilde Hair, FireTop
Skin: Mynerva; Fudge, MistiMello, Black Brows
Eyes: SS; eyeseries4, 01
Cheap Makeup; Cheekbone Contouring, Medium
Dutch Touch;  Blusher, Rose
Garage; Lipstick v.20
Lashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes
Teeth: M; Prim Teef


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