Running from the Light

February 8, 2012

I have been obsessing with this Leverocci skirt and have made about 10 outfits with it. I don’t know why. I really love the skirt but I for some reason I was fascinated with how it could look so different with different styling. This look might be my favorite, but I don’t know.  I do know I LOVE the big, oversized sweater-jacket from Mr. Poet. Not only is it mesh and one of the best looking things I have seen but …are you ready?…it is free! And it comes in a box of three colors. The sweater I have on under it is also from Mr. Poet and is part of the CapeCoat outfit. It is made for men so be prepared to resize the old way, piece by piece. Still, I love the styling so I think it is worth it. The boots have been blogged a lot but…oh…aren’t they beautiful? From Maitreya and they too are rigged mesh. The purse is LaGyo. One of several color combinations in this style.  I love black and white so this might be my favorite. The wonderful earrings are Paper Couture and are as always….from the Lu sisters…fabulous. I really searched for the right necklace and in the end I loved the tram necklace made of a big soft fabric bow.


Skirt: Leverocci; Iris Print Skirt (mesh)
Jacket: Mr.Poet; Bat Sleeve Knit Coat, Black [mesh]
Turtleneck Sweater: Mr.Poet, CapeCoat Turtleneck and KnitScarf set, Black (Yellow sweater)

Shoes: Maitreya;  Radical Boots, white (mesh)
Stockings: Vive9; Sheer Tights in Black
Gloves: Shi; Glove, Black (mesh)
Purse: LaGyo; The Desperado Bag, Bicolor Classic
Earrings: Paper Couture; Leather & Gold Earrings
Necklace: Tram; Chiffon Ribbon Necklace, Black
Watch: DDL; PLay, White

Hair: Boon; SCC334, Chocolate
Skin: The Body Co.; Ylang Ylang
Eyes: SS_eye_series4_01Make-up: Dutch Touch;  Blusher, Rose
Teeth;  Redgrave (from Bella skin)
Lipstick: La Malvada Mujer; Lou Lou a L’ecole
Eyeliner: La Malvada Mujer; Lou Lou a L’ecole
Eyelashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes (comes with Mynerva skin)


4 Responses to “Running from the Light”

  1. Lauren Says:

    If you love that skirt, you should look at the real collection they copied it from. It’s really wonderful: 🙂

  2. Maybrit Fugl Says:

    Please leave a correct slurl for the “Mr.Poet” sweater. I love it too, and that it is free made me want it even more. However I am just tp’ed to a place in thin air, falling. And I can’t find Mr. Poet in search or on marketplace… Help

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