Pumpkin Eater

January 15, 2012

I am a big fan of hats, I have been since I joined SL but wow… they have really come a long way. When I found this wonderful hat from Georgyna (LaGyo) it was instant love and the start of this look. Soft and beautifully shaped it comes in many simply gorgeous colors and you can change the color of the button and string band with a built-in script. I added from Mon Tissue a great all around suede jacket. Love the way it cinches in at the waist and then flounces out. The pumps are also from Mon Tissue and the are the perfect little heel for a sporty look. The cropped pants—a length I love in RL as well—are from Willow. They are a huge favorite of mine right now.  I found an old favorite in my scarf drawer from Artilleri. It’s a classic, one of the first scarfs I ever bought and I still love it. I don’t know why I needed a briefcase for looking at pumpkins but it is cute. And the little shoulder purse is TokiDoki, a real ❤ with its embroidered flowers on the flap.
Pants: Willow; Cropped Pants, Black
Tights: Concrete Flowers; (now Kosh) Blah Leggins, Orange (not sure if still available)
Jacket: Mon Tissu; Wool Blend Jacket, Grey
Gloves: LBD;  Nif Nif gloves, Orangebrown
Blouse: Mon Tissu; So Boho Blouse, Brown

Shoes: Mon Tissu; Sloane Pumps
Scarf: Artilleri; Colour thread, *orange threads*
Small Shoulder Purse: TokiD: Shoulder Bag, Brown
Briefcase: Tulip; Zoar, Mud and Gray
Hat: LaGyo; Inga hat, Ivory

Hair: Kik;  Rie, Whiteblond (modded for hat)
Skin; Curio, Pout; Whine 1, Sundust [Dark]
Eyes: SS, eye series 4_07

Dutch Touch; EyeMakeUp, Smokeys Grey
Dutch Touch; Blusher, RedPink
Dutch Touch; Lipstick; fAy, Serie 1, Orange
Eyelashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes/edited for new shape

Tree in a pot with fall leaves: Awesome Blossum (store closes Jan 15!)


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