Heartless City

September 7, 2010

I’m loving this yellow dress with the black polka-dots from designer Kendall Freenote of Wasted Youth. One of the dresses from WY’s new super cute collection, it inspired me to take a lot (!) of pictures. It was also a lot of fun to style. I played with a several different looks and this was my city look with a touch of whimsy. (It’s not every day you wear a little back crow on your head.) In this incarnation I added a big wide velvet sash belt I lifted from a old Sweetest Goodbye outfit. The yellow vinyl umbrella complete with poses is from Creamshop and is just one of many colors.  Plus I don’t get to wear my over the knee boots very often so I was rolling with this look when I saw how great they worked with the dress.  More details and landmarks after the cut.

Dress: Wasted Youth; By Silk Dress
Sash Belt: Sweetest Goodbye; from Day Dream outfit, Black Velvet
Hairband: Split Pea; Sometimes it rains inside my head, CROW headband ( DU II)
Hair: Kin, Cricket, Sand
Skin: & Bean, Hounds of Love, Forell 3, Tan
Earrings: Cachet (now Lelutka); Deborah Earrings by Valena Glushenko  (may no longer be available)
Gloves: Indyra Originals; La Capitaine Kid Skin Gloves: Black
Boots: J’s; Thigh High boots
Purse: PACADI; Yfke Bag, Midnight
Stockings: Sheer; Tights 07, Shiny Black
Umbrella: Creamshop; Vinyl umbrella, Yellow
Eyelashes: Glow Studio, Ademonia Eyelashes, With Gems
Eyes: SS_eye_series4_07
Poses: Dismorph and Everglow

5 Responses to “Heartless City”

  1. Yes! this is SL fashion….and a honest thank you for giving the “FEEDS” some quality!

  2. Chance G. Says:

    Elisabeth V. Queen of yellow polka dot dresses! I’m so stealing this look! LOL! ❤

  3. Lovely post and dress! Looking in WY for ages now and can’t see this dress at all. Can you help? Thanks!
    Leonie Szczepanski

    • Thanks Leonie! Contact Kendall Freenote, she is the owner and creator of the shop. It should be there. I will contact her as well.

      OK. Just talked to her. There are two parts to her store. Enter on the far right side, her new items are there. 😀

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