Out of a Dream….

August 1, 2010

This look was inspired by several things; this tiny, tiny little skirt from Liberty Shinn at LP Design (it comes in many other colors) and the flowered crop jacket from La Maison Kaestner ❤ (here i just wore the chest part to make it a little vest).  Fashionboi Landar from House of Fox created the black leather bra and the sheer top (these are from older releases). HOF is really doing amazing and uber-creative couture work. If you haven’t been, go check it out. This wonderful updo called Maya is newly released from I Love Olive. Look at the back! Beautiful.
The photos were shot at the Zero sim and in the end they all had a sort of dream-like quality helped along by the beautiful poses by Del May—hence the name of the post. All details and landmarks below the cut.


Lashes: [ glow ] studio; Ademonia Eyelashes (with gems)
Skin: Tres Blah; Arsenic Blur, from It’s a Blur Installation (new)
Hair: I Love Olive; Maya, Platinum (new)
Cig: FNKY! Cigarette II
Top : House of Fox; Black SheerTop
Bra: House of Fox; Black Studded Bra
Collar: House of Fox; from Sheer Ruffled Top
Skirt: *LP* Design; Devochka skirt (new)
Vest: LMK; Flower Embellished Jacket, Black (chestpart only)
Boots: Kookie; Bonnie, Black
Gloves: Frozen Turquoise Valentine; Ushuaia gloves, Silver
Belt: R.icielli; Vanessa, White
Stockings: Awram-Viie; Black poet, stocking nylon
Poses: Del May


6 Responses to “Out of a Dream….”

  1. amazing post Elisabeth! Love the way you showcase the poses!

  2. Babyhoney Bailey Says:

    I don’t normally comment on blogs when I just happen to be going through the feeds but then I saw this post. AMAZING job and gorgeous execution. Loved it!

  3. mel Says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work!!!

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