Still on vacation?

July 31, 2010

After several weeks of traveling, then coming home and then taking off again..I can’t seem to get back into the groove. I don’t know if it is the heat or just general laziness but it is a struggle to get motivated.  I have been logging in but not spending much time. So, I decided to jump back in and do a post or two and see if that doesn’t do the trick. Maybe part of the problem is that when I log in there are so many great new things that it is hard to catch up. All I want to do is shop—oh well, what’s new? I have a theory that one week in sl is like a four in rl….so if you are gone for two months, it is really more like 8 months..and a lot can happen in 8 months.

These are some pictures I took a few weeks ago and the items that make up the outfit aren’t really new releases now.  But I like the outfit and thought I would share. I absolutely love the big braid from Truth and modded it a bit to fit under one of my favorite hats from Lelutka. This hat was released last year but it comes in so many gorgeous colors that it is a summer must-have. The Zaara jewelry is amazing(<3 Zaara Kohime)…it really goes with so many things. I think here it adds a needed bit more color to the whole look. The jacket is from Maitreya and is worn over a jumpsuit (part of a dress) from Doppleganger— great fabric and simple design. More details on items and landmarks after the cut. And more posts to come soon.

Skin: Redgrave; Lyla Tan Skin, Smoky2
Hair: Truth; Tia, Champagne
Hat: Lelutka; Catherine Hat, Turquoise
Jacket: Maitreya; Camden Jacket, White
Jumpsuit: Doppelganger; under part of the Messina Dress, Mattina
Belt: fri.; Wide Waist Belt, Turquoise
Glasses: @BonesOptics; Geeky Glasses, White
Necklace: Zaara; Karmuka necklace, Colored Silver
Earrings: Zaara; Sarayi Hoops, Painted, Silver
Watch; Muse; Classic Tank Watch, White/Silver, Dark Face
Shoes: Surf Company; Shoelace Sandals, White
Purse: Lelutka; LoveJUNKYbag; White

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