A Walk in the Country

May 8, 2010

I recently found a shop I hadn’t seen before and fell in love with the light and airy creations. It is u.f.o. and there are all kinds of dresses, tops and sweaters (like the one I am wearing here) that are made up of light layers of chiffon-like pixels. I love that this sweater has a closure button in the shape of a rose (and in fact it even has more rose-shaped prim buttons which I chose not to wear since I wanted to wear the Paper Couture necklace that already was loaded up with roses). I’m wearing the sweater over one of Maitreya’s new releases, the Bubble dress. It has a great sculpted shape to the skirt and I love that you can tint the belt which helped me match the shoes. As though I didn’t already have enough roses draped around me the ring is a rose too. It’s from CentoPallini, a store with some really cute jewelry…so go check it out. The photos were shot at the PixelMode sim and if you haven’t been there, by all means you should go…a beautiful place! A great place for a walk in the country and to feel the wind in your pixel hair. I am wearing one of my favorite headbands from LaGyo to keep mine in place. 🙂 See ya, Elisabeth

Hair: Marai Style; Manm, Beige
Skin: &Bean, The Light Anger Frantic
Dress: Maitreya; Bubbleskirt Dress, Black-Seashell (new)
Cardigan; {u.f.o.}; Clarissa Chiffon Cardigan, First Kiss (new)
Necklace: Paper Couture; Fishnet Wrapped Pearls
Earrings: Paper Couture; pearl Earrings (Pearl Strand Set)
Sandals and Socks: Maitreya Gold; Allure-tights and socks, Nude
Bag: Pacadi Jasha; Yfke Bag, Midnight (store closed)
Ring: CentoPallini; Rosanna Ring, Pearl
Headband: LaGyo; Simply a Bow, Black

2 Responses to “A Walk in the Country”

  1. Chance G. Says:

    oh, I didnt recongize you at first with that skin and hair..lol…fun! and I love your accessories pics, how do you do it??

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