Sun is in the sky…oh why, oh why…

April 8, 2010

…would I wanna be anywhere else?  Those lyrics have been going around in my head all day. Just the chorus, but it won’t stop… Maybe it’s because finally the sun IS in the sky and it is shining.  Anyway maybe that is why I feel like wearing something fun. I got this great headpiece and new flower and lace skirt from LG Boutique (<3 Georgyna Larnia) that I wanted to wear so I started there. The little leopard tippet with pearl closing from Atelier AM is new too and something I really love but hadn’t worn yet so that went into the mix. You can’t have too many pearls so I added a long string of pearls (from AA as well). I liked the outfit worn with the red Mongolian fur from Fishy Strawberry  so I show it here both with and without. The little woven straw hand purse is from LG boutique too and it is sooooooooo cute…..and comes in tons of colors. Oh why, oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?

Details and landmarks after the cut.Details:
Skirt: LG Boutique; Lace Skirt, Red
Jacket: SMS; Crow Jacket Black -DU2 (no longer available)
Blouse: LeeZu Baxter; Valeri Blouse, Black
Fur: Fishy Strawberry; Decadence Mongoloan Fur, Red
Fur Collar: AA; Fur Tippet, Leopard
Monocle; VW, (Epoque) Classy Monocle
Gloves: LeeZu Baxter; Nif Nif Gloves, Red
Wristlets: Digit Darkes; Tuff Cuff Wristlets, Black
Shoes: Maitreya; ChiChi Pumps, Black
Hose: N-Core; Broken Back Stockings
Socks: Maitreya; Sculpted socks, Black
Hairpiece: LG boutique; Hana Headpiece
Bag: LG boutique, Eunique Bag, Beanie, Straw
Eyes: SS Eye series4_07 Hazel
Hair: Mirai Style; Cuto; Pearl
Eyeliner: Glow; Eyeliner 01
Skin:Dutch Touch; Jolie; PIP CL1; Cream


6 Responses to “Sun is in the sky…oh why, oh why…”

  1. Lauryn Arado Says:

    This looks amazing! I love the looks and I specially like that headband ❤

  2. I adore this….absolutely brilliant xx

  3. Euni Kira Says:

    great look elisabeth! love that third picture especially 🙂

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