Any Way You Look at It

April 7, 2010

I love the crispness of blue and white. Wearing it makes me want to go stand somewhere in the sunshine with a warm breeze blowing around me. Like on a dock overlooking some beautiful blue water. The dress is an old favorite, a simple white mini from Armidi worn with a jean jacket and white shirt from Aoharu layered over it.  And no matter which way you look at it—from the front or the back—the Zaara necklace looks GREAT. Zaara also makes a matching bracelet that wraps the wrist and drapes down the hand. ❤ This is the turquoise stone necklace but it also comes in amethyst and onyx.  A really simple look that makes the necklace pop. OK….got to go out into the sunshine. See ya, Elisabeth

Click on any image for a high-res version. Details and landmarks after the cut.

Hair: Maitreya; Sunday, Hazel
Skin: Curio June, Daylily 2, Sundust
Eyes: Tres Blah; Artic Eyes ( no longer available)
Jacket: Aoharu; Vintage Denim, JK, with shirt/White
Dress: Armidi Gisaci; Rainy Day Dress, White
Belt: Fishy Strawberry, Geisha Leather Belt, Denim Blue
Necklace: Zaara; Vanisri Wrapped Necklace, Turquoise/Silver
Shoes: Anexx; BuckleWedge Boots, White
Bag: Armidi Gisaci; Porto Corsica, Creme and Blue

2 Responses to “Any Way You Look at It”

  1. Nita Charron Says:

    This outfit is so me right now. It just feels good. I had most of the pieces, just had never thought about putting them together this way. Dusted off my rainy day dress and Viniani Heels, bought the bag and belt.

    I always look so forward to your blogs. You have such a classic, great style about you. You are my fave blogger.

    Thanks again Elisabeth,
    Nita 🙂

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