YES Sir! NO Sir!

March 31, 2010

Wearing this military jacket from Coco makes me feel all, well… all military. So a lot of “YES Sirs” and “NO Sirs” and saluting—whatever. And La Gyo’s Unico hat….sort of military goes sparkley. I guess the shoes aren’t very military, I can’t see anyone doing maneuvers in heels this high but they are cute aren’t they? Also from La Gyo, the cute, vintagey-looking necklace with the antique car picture and little white ribbon on it.  The purse and belt are both from YS&YS …great design, well-fitted, textured and sculpted. I know I talk about quality a lot but if something is not well-done, what is the point? We are in a pixel world here and there are so many talented designers out there now that we don’t have to settle for anything less than great. Not much more to say, oh except “At Ease!”

Click on any photo for a larger image. Details and landmarks after the cut.

Skin: Curio; Cupid, Allure 2, Acorn
Hair: Nouveau Miranda; Monster, Beach Blond
Hat: LaGyo; Unico
Lashes:Cake; Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: Coco; Military Cardigan, Black
Blouse: Coco; Sleeveless Blouse and Cuff, White
Jeans: Maitreya, Skinny Jeans
Belt: YS & YS Illetes Belt, Nightlife
Purse: YS & YS; Illetes Bag, Nightlife
Necklace: LaGyo; My Old Car Necklace
Shoes: N-Core, High School, XtremeHeel, Black
Ring: Paper Couture; Bird Ring

7 Responses to “YES Sir! NO Sir!”

  1. Love, love that necklace! Such a cute look, pretty lady.

  2. Euni Kira Says:

    cute look elisabeth! love your little collection of accessories ❤

  3. Chance G. Says:

    those jeans fit you so well! lol love pics!

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