Silvery Spring

March 28, 2010

Finally Spring seems to have decided to make an appearance. And with it lots of lovely new items that make it feel welcome and me feel happy. I am absolutely in love with Zaara’s clear jewelry. It is so, so, so amazing and I keep wearing it with everything. The detail is nothing short of miraculous.  I have tried to give you a good idea here of how special it really forgive the picture spam. I love the silvery leaves embedded in the beads of the necklace and in the bracelets and the light and airy look of the earrings made of the same silver leaves and little pearls. (It also comes in amber, see photo here.) I usually put together an outfit and then accessorize it but in this case I started with the jewelry and built the outfit around it.  It was a chance to wear a wonderful skirt from Malt that I love and the Michami Carmela bustier and cardi.  And finally…NEW SHOES!! From Courtisane, these shoes are to die for. The platform shape, the colors and the fringed leather at the ankle (which is optional, you get a pair without the fringes too). I showed you a few of the colors but not all…there are a lot! Go check them our and take your lindens because you will want some! As always click on any photo for a larger, more detailed image.

Hair: !Lamb; Witch, Granny
Skin: Curio; Winter, Frost, Sundust
Bustier: MichaMi; Carmela Bustier in Nude
Cardigan: MichaMi; Carmela Cardi in Camel
Skirt: Malt; Vintage Jupe Skirt, Bistre
Shoes: Courtisane; La Sauvage, Champagne
Gloves: 5th & Oxford; Leather gloves, cocoa
Hose: Insolence; Classic Light nude nylon seamed stockings
Necklace: Zaara; Parnini Necklace, Clear
Earrings: Zaara; Urvi Earrings; Silver
Bracelets: Zaara; Pallav Clear Bracelets
Bag: Lelutka; Trish, Funeral

2 Responses to “Silvery Spring”

  1. Chance G. Says:

    oh what a great skirt you found! 😉

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