Accessory Hound!

March 12, 2010

I am a big accessory hound..YES, YES, YES. Of course, I love clothes…but for me the accessories are what really make the outfit your own. This is great time for all the accessory lovers out there because the 2010 Accessory Fair is taking place (March 6-27). The build by Babyhoney Bailey is really extraordinary. Big, beautiful, upscale New York City streets loaded with top-notch accessory shops—a real shopaholic’s dream. The streets are connected by a subway which transports you from one street to the next. Cool and very cute 🙂 This event is sponsored by Glance magazine along with SL’s social network website and the popular fashion feed

I put together an outfit with a few of my favorites. I have also included a couple of shots of the sets that some of the pieces came from since I mixed and matched and you should definitely see them. From Perturbations, I am am wearing the earrings from the I’d Give My Life for You “Miss Saigon” set which was especially made for the fair. I really, really love the glasses around the neck from Sissi. (They are color change and you can change the glasses, beads, feathers and make all kinds of combinations. <3)  And from Haunted Zuzu, I used the Crystal Bloom flower from the set of the same name. So these are just the first of many of my favorites I will be sharing with you over the next few days. Now go and shop….and enjoy the fair! Taxi here.Details and landmarks after the cut:

Hat: From Lamb; Mista Sista
Hair: Lamb; I’m a Romantic, Ink
Pin on hat: Haunted ZuZu, Black Crystal Bloom Hair flower (Accessory Fair 2010)
Earrings: Perturb/ation; I’d give My Life for You “Miss Saigon”, from set (Accessory Fair 2010 Special)
Glasses around Neck: Sissi, Where Are My glasses? (Accessory Fair 2010)
Skin: Curio; Breeze, Mudslide 2, Acorn, Frex
Coat: Aoharu; TweedFeminine Coat, HoundTooth, Black
Top: Gisaci; Hoja Top, White
Pants: Maitreya Skinny Jeans, #05, Faded Black
Gloves: Tap (5th and Oxford); Leather gloves, Short Black
Bag: DCCXXII ; Bag 01 (color changeable)
Shoes: Coco; Oxford Shoes, Two-tone

4 Responses to “Accessory Hound!”

  1. Way Cute! Where were these pics taken?

  2. arianna earst Says:

    Adorable pictures! Where did you buy that sitting pose from? Nice job 🙂

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