YES Sir! NO Sir!

March 31, 2010

Wearing this military jacket from Coco makes me feel all, well… all military. So a lot of “YES Sirs” and “NO Sirs” and saluting—whatever. And La Gyo’s Unico hat….sort of military goes sparkley. I guess the shoes aren’t very military, I can’t see anyone doing maneuvers in heels this high but they are cute aren’t they? Also from La Gyo, the cute, vintagey-looking necklace with the antique car picture and little white ribbon on it.  The purse and belt are both from YS&YS …great design, well-fitted, textured and sculpted. I know I talk about quality a lot but if something is not well-done, what is the point? We are in a pixel world here and there are so many talented designers out there now that we don’t have to settle for anything less than great. Not much more to say, oh except “At Ease!”

Click on any photo for a larger image. Details and landmarks after the cut.

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Silvery Spring

March 28, 2010

Finally Spring seems to have decided to make an appearance. And with it lots of lovely new items that make it feel welcome and me feel happy. I am absolutely in love with Zaara’s clear jewelry. It is so, so, so amazing and I keep wearing it with everything. The detail is nothing short of miraculous.  I have tried to give you a good idea here of how special it really forgive the picture spam. I love the silvery leaves embedded in the beads of the necklace and in the bracelets and the light and airy look of the earrings made of the same silver leaves and little pearls. (It also comes in amber, see photo here.) I usually put together an outfit and then accessorize it but in this case I started with the jewelry and built the outfit around it.  It was a chance to wear a wonderful skirt from Malt that I love and the Michami Carmela bustier and cardi.  And finally…NEW SHOES!! From Courtisane, these shoes are to die for. The platform shape, the colors and the fringed leather at the ankle (which is optional, you get a pair without the fringes too). I showed you a few of the colors but not all…there are a lot! Go check them our and take your lindens because you will want some! As always click on any photo for a larger, more detailed image.

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Last Minute Shopping!

March 27, 2010

Right under the wire….if you haven’t been to the Accessory Fair then you better hurry. The Fair closes tonight at midnight sl time.  So you only have a few hours left to find some of the grid’s top accessory designers all in one place and many shops with special items just for the Fair.  As you can see I have just about finished my shopping! Here are a few more of my favorite things. Click on any photos for a larger image. Taxi to the fair here.

Above, from the top:

Necklace: Zaara; Parnini necklace, Amber
Hair: Maitreya; Zoe, Gold Blond
Skin: Curio
Top: Digit Darkes; (from Determined Coat set), Chocolate

Hair Wreath: Trident; Grapeswreath
Hair: Maitreya; Moon, Bleached Blond
Skin: Curio; Lovely, Gossamer 2, Petal

Necklace and Earrings: Sigma; Admira
Hair: BP; Starlust Valentine Hair (gift)
Skin: Curio; Beach 2, Black Pearl, Sundust
Dress: Lelutka; Valentina Dress, Black

Earrings: Bliensen+Maitai; Windchime; SnowGold
Hair: Truth; Grace, Mirage
Top: Maitreya; Savoir Top; Bronze Sheer
Skin: Curio; Beach, Coral 2; Sundust

I’m an Airplane

March 14, 2010

One of my favorite stores this year is Donna Flora. So I really went crazy at the Accessory Fair when I hit the shop. The designer is Squinternet Larnia and her items were the inspiration for this outfit. I wanted a light and airy dress and found it at Happy Finds. This is the Mollusk dress from the Ephemeral Collection and it is so really looks like organza. The jacket is an older one from Paper Couture but one of my favorites.
I am wearing earrings from Donna Flora’s set Delores. I am not wearing the beautiful necklace from the set but I wanted to show it so it is included in a separate shot below. This is the gold set but it comes in many other colors so go check it out. There is also a detail of the awesome purse. I had to buy it in several colors!!! I love, love, love the flowers on the front and the beading that hangs from the bottom. The hat is incredible. Here you actually only see the flower because the knit part of the hat is under my hair but it absolutely great.
The Accessory Fair runs until March 27. More info here. Taxi here.

Details and landmarks after the cut:

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Accessory Hound!

March 12, 2010

I am a big accessory hound..YES, YES, YES. Of course, I love clothes…but for me the accessories are what really make the outfit your own. This is great time for all the accessory lovers out there because the 2010 Accessory Fair is taking place (March 6-27). The build by Babyhoney Bailey is really extraordinary. Big, beautiful, upscale New York City streets loaded with top-notch accessory shops—a real shopaholic’s dream. The streets are connected by a subway which transports you from one street to the next. Cool and very cute 🙂 This event is sponsored by Glance magazine along with SL’s social network website and the popular fashion feed

I put together an outfit with a few of my favorites. I have also included a couple of shots of the sets that some of the pieces came from since I mixed and matched and you should definitely see them. From Perturbations, I am am wearing the earrings from the I’d Give My Life for You “Miss Saigon” set which was especially made for the fair. I really, really love the glasses around the neck from Sissi. (They are color change and you can change the glasses, beads, feathers and make all kinds of combinations. <3)  And from Haunted Zuzu, I used the Crystal Bloom flower from the set of the same name. So these are just the first of many of my favorites I will be sharing with you over the next few days. Now go and shop….and enjoy the fair! Taxi here.Details and landmarks after the cut:

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Tweedly Me

March 3, 2010

I am so totally loving Aoharu’s tweed jackets and coats. Everything about them..the shapes, the colors and the textures. This short, brown version inspired me to put together a look with another favorite dress that I haven’t worn before—although it has been in my “closet” for a while. OK-I know I am sort of on a brown kick but I love the rich, warm tones in this outfit. AND I love the new hat and hair from Maitreya…could it be be any better? No…’cause it is perfect. Absolutely perfect.  And *yum* the shoes from Annexx …<3!! Gotta love the little bows. To finish it off, I had to use the theatre lady binoculars from LaGyo that you can carry in your hand or wear around your neck. The glasses? All the better to see you with my dear.

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