I <3 Toasty Textures

December 10, 2009

In the deep, dark of December we all love the thick, rich textures of warm sweaters and coats. Well at least I do. These two outfits are a mix of both new and old pieces and I chose all of them for the wonderful textures and shapes. Certainly one thing that has evolved a lot over the past year is the sheer inventiveness of all the wonderful sculpty clothes and accessories. I think Cocoro Lemon from Coco makes some of the most interesting examples around. This bulky red sweater layered over it’s own blouse is just one example. ❤  The laced up boots from Anexx in red and Kookies’ Athena black short boot are more fabulous masterpieces of sculpting and texturing. The twill coat from M.R.M. has been in my closet for a while now but is still a big favorite….it has a fantastic herringbone texture so realistic, it practically makes me itch.  Showing from beneath the coat is the bottom prim from a Milk Motion tee.  Both tops are layered over full skirts. I love the way the skirts look under these shaped tops! I don’t want to forget the  purses…they are both fairly new releases…The red ruffly one (a 50 linden Friday item <3) is from Tres Blah and it comes in several other colors. The other is from YS&YS. The one shown here is in snow leopard but it comes in both plain leather or in different fur textures in several colors. Oh and as a bonus it comes stuffed with its own reading materials stuffed inside. 🙂 You should most definitely check out the bags and shoes at YS&YS  if you haven’t already! (They make beautiful skins too).  Anyway, I am loving the cold weather and all the lovely new clothes and accessories hitting the stores this month. Hope you are too!

Red Sweater Outfit:
Sweater: COCO; FrillyBlouse&Sweater, Rose
Skirt: DPyumyum; Mizutama skirt, Brown
Tights: Kookie; Cherry leggings, light brown
Boots: Anexx; LaceupBoots, Red
Necklace: Fuel; The Key Keeper
Gloves: Pididle, Black
Hair: barberyumyum; 18/Black
Skin: Curio; Sundust, Winter 2, Winter-snifles
Lashes: Arsnova; Black Extra Long Eyelashes
Glasses: Duboo; Woodcutter’s Daughter Glasses
Hairband: Milk Motion; My headband

Tweed Coat Outfit:
Skirt: SMS; Sorrow Skirt, Grey
Coat: [MRM] Wool Coat *Herringbone Gray*
T-shirt: Milk Motion, my loose t-shirt basic (bottom prim only) modified
Hair: Truth; Tallulah, Auburn
Skin: Redgrave; Lyla, Pale Skin, Pink
Lashes: Arsnova; Black, Extra Long Eyelashes
Tights: Sh*t Happens; Polkadotty leggings, White
Socks: Untone Quilt, Mokomoko socks, Charcoal (no longer available)
Shoes: Kookie; Athena, black
Purse: YS&YS; Cala Saona Bag, Snow Leopard
Gloves: 5th and oxford; Grey, Medium

Poses from pda and flowey

2 Responses to “I <3 Toasty Textures”

  1. Krissy Sinclair Says:

    What is the name and maker of the red outfit purse. thank you

    • Tres Blah is the store. It is listed in the text and there is a list with slurl’s after the cut. The red version was a 50 linden Friday offering but the purse is available in several other colors.

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