The Snow Queen

December 26, 2009

I’ve been a little obsessed with snow and furs and beautiful dresses lately. It seems the grid has been especially “white” this year …all the sims decorated with lights and deep snow and lovely trees….and designers putting out incredible furs and jewels and sparkly goodies. I haven’t had much time to spend in the pixelworld but I took these photos earlier and wanted to share them. The fur is from Coco and the hat from Chapeau tres Mignon….the sweater is from Ohmai with feather trim <3. The skirt is an old one but I absolutely love the pattern.  The “ice” is from Icon, Armidi and LaGyo. (More details after the cut.)  Not a lot more to say…. just that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  See you soon, Elisabeth

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Party On….

December 11, 2009

I recently met a new designer, Zeerya Pyrithea of  Zeery. She has a cute shop in the Rue D’Antibes. There are scarfs, shawls, tops and ponchos (even some knitted earrings to match the tops). I put an outfit together with one of her sleeveless sweater tops. These tops are beautifully textured and I love the way they are cut along the top of the bodice with the flame shapes. I chose the eggplant color but there are others —all named after vegetables 🙂 Obviously these could be casual or dressy but I thought they would be perfect for a night on the town paired with my furry vest from Madsy. I also got to wear these darling Periquita heels. These shoes are great… not only super cute but they are scripted so you can change the colors on all the parts…yay!  More details on the rest of the outfit below the cut. Hope you go visit Zeery and keep your eyes open, we will be seeing a lot more from her! ok….that’s it…so party on.

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I <3 Toasty Textures

December 10, 2009

In the deep, dark of December we all love the thick, rich textures of warm sweaters and coats. Well at least I do. These two outfits are a mix of both new and old pieces and I chose all of them for the wonderful textures and shapes. Certainly one thing that has evolved a lot over the past year is the sheer inventiveness of all the wonderful sculpty clothes and accessories. I think Cocoro Lemon from Coco makes some of the most interesting examples around. This bulky red sweater layered over it’s own blouse is just one example. ❤  The laced up boots from Anexx in red and Kookies’ Athena black short boot are more fabulous masterpieces of sculpting and texturing. The twill coat from M.R.M. has been in my closet for a while now but is still a big favorite….it has a fantastic herringbone texture so realistic, it practically makes me itch.  Showing from beneath the coat is the bottom prim from a Milk Motion tee.  Both tops are layered over full skirts. I love the way the skirts look under these shaped tops! I don’t want to forget the  purses…they are both fairly new releases…The red ruffly one (a 50 linden Friday item <3) is from Tres Blah and it comes in several other colors. The other is from YS&YS. The one shown here is in snow leopard but it comes in both plain leather or in different fur textures in several colors. Oh and as a bonus it comes stuffed with its own reading materials stuffed inside. 🙂 You should most definitely check out the bags and shoes at YS&YS  if you haven’t already! (They make beautiful skins too).  Anyway, I am loving the cold weather and all the lovely new clothes and accessories hitting the stores this month. Hope you are too!

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Yes, plenty cold and lots of the white stuff falling. But we can stay toasty and warm with all the cute furs and winter gear around the grid right now. I love the all-white looks for snow. And now you can even find skins made for winter. Gala Phoenix at Curio has done some really cute skins that look as though you have been out in the cold with rosy cheeks and flushed skin. This one even has frosty white eyeshadow to match the sparkly snow. ❤ The fur stole from DP yumyum with the little fringe trim is perfect for keeping the shoulders covered and the shiny pants from Lelutka are definitely  on my favorite list.  They are beautifully rendered and look great in every color. Here they are perfect apres-ski pants but put them with heels and they are sexy and sleek. Kookies’ boots are just yummy….and they come in so many colors, you won’t be able to choose!  Details on the rest of the outfit are listed after the cut. Take care and stay warm!

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