November 6, 2009

Winterfair with snow3Unbelievably the season is already upon us. In our pixel universe, the winter season is a beautiful one made more so by the talented people that inhabit it. This year Antonia Marat and Ewan Mureaux have built a wintery, wonderful, holiday sim that you will certainly want to visit. There is a quaint main street decorated with Christmas lights and greenery and snowmen—even a giant Nutcracker presides over the goings-on. You’ll find many of your favorite stores on this street and in the Christmas market behind it which is made up of little wooden huts complete with bright lights and a huge ferris wheel that dominates the landscape. There is an large frozen pond for ice skating and lovely places to walk or sit and admire the view. It opened yesterday and will stay open through January 3… so come on over, dress warmly, bring plenty of lindens and get in the spirit! Check the Winterstock website for more information and for a list of participating merchants.


ferris wheel with snow


2 Responses to “Winterstock”

  1. Hili Hilra Says:

    Where did you get that white fur coat!?

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