Wrapping it up

November 12, 2009


LeeZu2I know you have seen this LeeZu top before as it is certainly not new and has been blogged many times. I am even wearing some really old pants from Last Call! But I really liked this outfit… so I decided to do a quick post…. The new things ( at least to me ) are the fabulous Cleo skin from Dutch Touch, the Maitreya hair and scarf and the brooch from LaGyo.  The messenger bag from Musim I’ve had since October but…oh…I really love it. I don’t want to admit to how many purses and bags I have in my virtual closet but suffice it to say…A LOT! And this really is one of the best. It’s beautifully made and comes with several poses—and good poses included with a purse make a huge difference as far as I am concerned. If you are just taking pictures you can do adjust the bag however you like, but if you want to walk around holding the purse and have it look good, you need the right poses that actually fit the bag. Of course we expect top quality from Musim and this bag is one example of how they do deliver. The Maitreya scarf—which actually comes in two parts—is fantastic. You can buy it with the hair already attached or if you are comfortable with modifying hair, you can use your own hair and just make it fit under the scarf. Whichever way you go, it is fantastic. Trés chic.  Finally I want to say that the brooch is really amazing. LaGyo is making some of the most interesting jewelry on the grid now…everytime I go in there I end buying something. So a warning, if you don’t want to spend lindens…don’t go!  🙂
Got to run….
close-up LeeZu

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Patchwork Pixels

November 9, 2009

3 Pink outifttersPO back

Patchwork is cute and just a little retro and these shorts from Pink Outfitters are both.  (They’re not new, but I forgot I had them and how cute they were!)  I love the embroidery on the back pocket. ❤  They are worn here with the Billie lace tank top…also from PO…double cute!  The long-sleeved thermal top in robin’s egg blue is from Pig. These thermals are wardrobe staple must-haves, especially now that it is getting cooler outside. The jacket is from enSvale and it is probably my favorite denim jacket right now. The detailing is just perfect. Look at the seams on the back…..  🙂 The accessories add some fun and every item shown here is high quality in both the texturing and the design. J’s engineer boots which fold up or down and change colors (with the fatpack option) are beautifully made. Everything from Maitreya is great and Maitreya’s Coin Belt is no exception. It gives the look a little weight as do the Goth Necklaces from Fashionably Dead.  And the pony tail hair with beret is yummy. The beret changes colors and textures along with the band around the pony tail. My pixels are happy! Hope yours are too.

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White Ice and Cold Nights

November 6, 2009

Empress coat snowVisiting the Winterstock market yesterday really put me into the holiday mood. While I explored that incredible place I was wearing this warm and elegant coat. Well, this is the season for fur! Every year the virtual furs get better and better and this year my fur closet has grown by leaps and bounds…. so expect to see a lot of them from me during the coming weeks. Even in my real world the cold has arrived so bundling up just feels so right. The coat is from June Dion at BareRose. Not only do I love the coat but the price is right at only 130 lindens. My fur headband is by Megg Demina, designer and owner of  Chapeau tres Mignon. The shoes (<3) are also by Megg. They’re part of a Napoleonic collection she created that includes shoes, hats and even military ribbons. I really, really love the silver attachments on the toe of the shoes and the gold tassles that hang from the ankle. The pants are from Boom…got to love the huge flares. And for a little more “ice”, the necklace from Icon seemed like the right choice. Mmmmm, I feel warmer now.withbagwhitenew composite1 Read the rest of this entry »


November 6, 2009

Winterfair with snow3Unbelievably the season is already upon us. In our pixel universe, the winter season is a beautiful one made more so by the talented people that inhabit it. This year Antonia Marat and Ewan Mureaux have built a wintery, wonderful, holiday sim that you will certainly want to visit. There is a quaint main street decorated with Christmas lights and greenery and snowmen—even a giant Nutcracker presides over the goings-on. You’ll find many of your favorite stores on this street and in the Christmas market behind it which is made up of little wooden huts complete with bright lights and a huge ferris wheel that dominates the landscape. There is an large frozen pond for ice skating and lovely places to walk or sit and admire the view. It opened yesterday and will stay open through January 3… so come on over, dress warmly, bring plenty of lindens and get in the spirit! Check the Winterstock website for more information and for a list of participating merchants.


ferris wheel with snow


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