October 31, 2009

Boo!3vintageOnce in a while a few things come out at about the same time and seem to just go together. This is one of those outfits. I think the inspiration was the yummy fur stole from Coco. But the new hair with knit cap from Vintage McMillan at Epoque and the lace-up socks from noju made it all come together. I added the vintage looking earrings from LaGyo, Wings of Glory, (love the name) and the rock star bracelet by Stiletto Moody for a little shine. And then, just when I thought it was finished, I found the drum case from sey…I love it as a purse. So here it is…I’m feeling all vintagey tonight! And happy Halloween everyone!

my drumcaseand shoesangle2wings of glory earrings


Hair: Epoque; Overpaid Stylist, Blonde
Skin: Curio; Sundust; Breeze, Pure 2
Lashes: Glow studio; eyeliner 01, Colour Changing
Blouse: Ce Cubic effect; Shirt H6, Black
Fur: COCO; FurCape, BrownMix
Jeans: Maitreya; Rolled Skinny Jeans, #04
Socks: Noju ; lace up socks, black
Shoes: AW Designs; Schoo, Safari
Purse: Sey; DrumCase, 13inch
Gloves: Indyra Originals; La Capitaine Kid Skin Gloves, Black
Earrings: LaGyo; Wings of glory
Bracelet: Stiletto Moody – Rock Star Bracelet


4 Responses to “Wooooooooo…..Boo!”

  1. Thalia Jie Says:

    You’ve put together a wonderful look.
    Stunning styling with a great combination of accessories. Great work.

  2. This whole look is total awesome sauce. Makes me want to look less nerdy LOL.

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