On My Head, On Your Head

September 21, 2009

I’ve always been a huge fan of Megg Demina. Chapeau Tres Mignon was one of the first stores I found after arriving in SL. I was intrigued by Megg’s incredibly diverse and amazing collection which range from hats featuring a blue lobster or a grasshopper perched on your head to a Spanish Galleon floating above your curls.  Every hat she makes is full of whimsy and detail. Now fall is here and (yay!) she has released a new group of hats. All with pom-poms. Larger ones and smaller ones and a range of colors too. I took two of my favorites and made a couple of different outfits with them. I love this larger version of the pom-pom hat in black and white. (This hat comes in four other colors as well.) I decided to put it with something a little sophisticated to create a Parisian, walking-along-the-Seine feel. The shoes with anklets add to that look as does the short sleeved striped sweater from Pink. A “Chanel” bag and cuffed leather gloves lend the the final French touch.**weird_010

3 Parisian

For the second outfit I picked the smaller hat in the tartan version. The scarf is from Musim and although it isn’t an exact match I think it works. The coat from Lelutka’s 2008 Fall collection has become a staple in my wardrobe…. I love the shape, the way it stands open and the tweedy texture. It is layered over a sweater from DeLa and a prim shirt from Ce Cubic Effect with a zippered front. (The shirt doesn’t show very well here but it is really cute. It blouses around the waist very realistically.)  Tesla’s Diva oxfords in red bring a little more color to the look. And a tip…remember when wearing hats it is important to find the right hair that works. In this case Lamb’s Egomaniacal (hehe—love the name) hair is flat enough that there is no need to mod the hair in order for the hat to look right. OK…got to run…..be sure to check out Megg’s wonderful hats….See ya, Elisabeth

Room tartan

3 tartanDetails:
First Look:
Skin: &Bean; The Light Anger Serene
Hair: Maitreya; Reign, Peroxide Blond
Shoulder trench: (P-K); Shoulder Trench, Noir
Sweater: Pink Outfitters; Emme Knit Sweater, Black
Skirt: Lelutka; Valentina, Black (from dress)
Shoes: N-Core, High School Xtreme High heel, Black
Belt: MAiiKi; High Waisted Belt, Patent, Black
Hat: Chapeau tres Mignon; PomPom Hat, Black/White
Scarf: Metronome; Color Scarf, Opera
Bracelet: Armidi Gisaci; Snakeskin Bracelet, Steel
Watch: Muse, Classic Tank Watch in Black/Gold, Dark Face
Purse: CoCo & Co; Cambon, Noir
Earrings: Muse; Claris Pearl Earring, Gold
Goves: Indyra Originals; La Capitaine Kid Skin Gloves, Black

Second Look:
Hair: Lamb; Egomaniacal, Twix
Skin: Curio; Beach, Sundust Frex, Black Pearl
Hat: Chapeau tres Mignon; PomPom Hat, Petit Tartan
Coat: Lelutka; Mimi Coat; Dark Grey
Blouse: CeCubic Effect; Shirt H6, Black
Sweater: DeLa; Emilia, White
Scarf: Muism; Chunky Scarf, Tartan, Red&White
Jeans: Armidi; Grace, Faded chic (bought on website)
Belt: COCO; Wide Belt(Embossing), Black
Shoes: Tesla; Diva2, Rouge
Socks: Shiny Things, Nubby Socks, Black (freebie)
Handbag: Lelutka; Gym bag, Grey
Earrings: BO COCO & CO; Channel Pearl, Black


6 Responses to “On My Head, On Your Head”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    2nd look is fab!! Kills me ❤ Love it really 🙂 the colors, the chic textures ❤ just utter gorgeousness

  2. Chance Says:

    I love the first look! It’s FIERCE!
    You look so strong in the Anger skin!

  3. I LOVE these looks. The second one looks like me in RL LOL.

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