Pink is the new Black

September 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink2Ok, well maybe not. But I admit it. I must love pink. I typed pink into my inventory the other day and I couldn’t believe how much pink I actually had. It seems to have inundated my closet. The reason I had typed pink in the first place was that I had found some cute shorts and knee length pants at MNK Shop and was trying on various combinations with existing inventory pieces. Anyway I had fun and came up with a couple of looks I liked and so decided to share them. First of all let me say, if you haven’t been to MNK then by all means GO! Lots of really cute items. When I saw these I clicked on “buy” immediately and when I got home and tried them on I wasn’t disappointed. There were three different pant shapes in the package. (I only show two here but the third is cute too…a little like culottes.) The set of three pants is only 90 lindens—what a bargain 🙂 —and they come in two other colors too.

Pretty in Pink/3 shortsThe first look is with the puffy shorts and a sweater that is also from MNK. The sweater knit is a great texture and I love the shape of the bottom and how it stands out and doesn’t hug the body. It is also only 90 lindens and comes in six other colors as well. I put it with a prim vest from Sweetest Goodbye which worked well over the sweater prim.  I also love, love, love the purse from tres blah. Yummy. The book sticking out and the bow on the front really add a whimsical touch. The knit scarf is also from tres blah and just look at the cute little bird pin that comes on it. ❤

Pretty in Pink/knee pantsThe knee-length pants I put with an old favorite, the Lima trench coat from Armidi, but worn here only with the jacket layer. The shoes are Teese from Lelutka’s Spring Collection. I adore the chunkiness of the shoe and heel. The tote bag by Malt has a great suede texture and shape. It gives this look a slightly more serious tone. Anyway, hope you like the outfits. Stay pink and be happy.

See ya,

First look:
Hair: Junwave; Sweet Lady, (Cutoff), H-nuts
Skin: Curio; Sundust, Breeze, Sepia 2, Frex
Sweater: MNK Shop; Spring KnitSet, Nikukyu,  Pink
Vest: Sweetest Goodbye; OK Go, Black and Grey (All-Prim vest)
Shorts: MNK Shop; Stripe Pants set, Short Pants, Nikukyu
Scarf: Tres blah; Knitted scarf, Cupcake
Headband: Miel; AM Tulip headband, Vino
Shoes: UBU Drunks
Socks: En Svale; Over the knee socks, Pink (freebies)
Purse: Tres blah; Chic Satchel, Pink

Second Look:
Skin: Curio; Beach, Sundust, Coral 1
Knee Pants: MNK Shop; Stripe Pants set, Half Pants,
Jacket: Armidi Gisaci; Lima Trenchcoat, Ajan Pink (Jacket Portion only)
Top: Armidi Gisaci; Hoja top, Ajan Pink
Flower in Hair: Paper Couture, Frida
Shoes: Lelutka; Teese, Black
Scarf: Argrace; Long Stole, shirring, Coral Pink
Socks: en Svale; Free, over the Knee Socks


5 Responses to “Pink is the new Black”

  1. Marianne Says:

    I love the looks. Especially the prim vest from Sweetest Goodbye. I have missed something to wear over loose shirts. I tried to find the shop, but no luck. Is it closed or maybe got a new name?

  2. Marianne Says:

    Thank you! Strange that I couldn’t find it in search. Well maybe I typed wrong, maybe SL was a bitch again. Keep more pretty piictures coming :)))

  3. Marianne Says:

    Haha.. It was good that i finally got my pixels over there. I had wanted to buy their sculpted skirt for ages. It’s… a year old? So I bought the vest combo, the skirt, a muffler, a jacket, a pair of pants… 😉 I didn’t like that the shirt only came on jacket layer. I can’t mix the shirt so easy with other stuff. Oh well, it was the vest I needed.

    So many shops I read about, and think that I have to go there, and then I forget. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I agree…me too. Glad you found it though. The store really is amazing. I do wish more designers would put things on multiple layers though. Especially tops and blouses!

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