Oh My!! Ohmai!

August 2, 2009

OhMy Ohmai!

Anya Ohmai has just released the first pieces of her new clothing line and they are really super. I was so excited to see this cute military style jacket and couldn’t wait to put together an outfit with it. It comes in 4 colors but since I am partial to brown,  I decided to start with that!  The jacket has gold braid, a prim collar and prim puffy sleeves…. and the cutest prim buttons running down the front. I wore it over Malt’s Willow tunic ’cause the colors and the shape seemed so perfect. I wanted tight leggings and you can’t go wrong with Maiiki’s. They are so shiny and have the just right scrunchy bits around the ankles. The necklace is from Malt too and I was able to color the pearls to match the tunic. (Yay for being able to change the texture color!)  I wanted a hat with this and Lamb’s hair with a beret that is also “colorable” was great.  Paulina Kaestner’s French bag had the right casual look  and the color was right on.

OhMy Ohmai

So to Anya….”Go girl!” And congratulations on a great start running start…I can’t wait for all the goodies that I know she will be making.  By the way she is doing hair too along with clothing and I heard she already has a shop open at Creator’s pavilion so tp over there and check it out!! I’m going right now…

See ya,

Skin: Curio; June, Sundust, Pure 2
Hair and Hat: !lamb; Bonjour Operator, Snickers
Lashes: Cake; Bedroom Lashes
Jacket: Ohmai; (currently at Dare) Hamilton Military, Coffee Company
Top: Malt; Autumn Tunic, Wild Willow
Tights: MAiiKI : Leggings, Gold
Purse: PK; French Bag, Marron
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci; Barcelona Slingback, Gold
Gloves: DoMoCo: Stub Gloves, Gold
Necklace: Malt; Chunky choker, Gold
Earrings: Paper Couture; Pearled Simplicity Earring


5 Responses to “Oh My!! Ohmai!”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    ❤ you
    So glad you liked it… and I loveee that necklace that you used, it's lovely with the high collar too *hugs* girl you work brown like nobody can!

  2. ohmyohmai Says:

    *wiggles* I think my comment button isn’t working… pooo
    But I wanted to say thank you so much ^^ And I love the pairing with that necklace… brilliant work *hugs* Thank youuuuu~~~

  3. Emi Bade Says:

    Love the cute style ❤
    Great color cordination :))
    I still wonder which color of anya's jacket I should get XD
    Now I want brown one, seeing your look!!

  4. I love this take on the jacket.

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