I Wanna Be a Cowgirl

July 23, 2009

with frame

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all  day…..how can I give up my dreams of the wild west and cowgirl fun…..WAIT! ….with Milk Motions cool, fringed, long T-shirt I don’t have to. Yee-ha. 🙂  This is super cute and the fringed parts are soooo fringe-a-licious.  Plus I got the one with the wild horses on the front which makes it even more western.  You gotta love the sculpty bits, just look at the way it is sort of baggy ❤ .The shoulder bag is an old one (the first bag I ever bought in SL!) from Shiny Things and and has just the right worn leather look. Scuffed up leather cowboy boots from Hoorenbeek.  Guess I’m ready for the round-up. Get along little doggie and all that stuff.

Milk Motion3

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Stitch by Stitch

July 22, 2009

SBS lgdots

Sevenstar Amat has all kinds of beautiful dresses and other cute creations in her shop, Stitch by Stitch. I was chatting with her not too long ago and she sent me this really fun, cute new dress from her collection. And I love it!  She makes her fabric designs herself and I think this one is great. She is really an artist, no doubt about that.  I love the festive, frilly ribbon trim around the hem and the dress has some prim bows too, all of which don’t show here (they are hidden under the jacket). I tried this dress with any number of colored tights, without tights, with different tops under and different jackets over. It looked fantastic every which way but I today my favorite is this combination. I have added a sheer top from Maitreya under the bodice of the dress. The poufy, sheer jacket is from Paper Couture’s spring collection (it’s a big favorite of mine). The large ball-shaped, rose-covered earrings are from LaGyo… if you haven’t seen her new collection you have to go…but be sure you have your lindens ready. You will want to spend them. There will be more from Stitch By Stitch to come!

New 3

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