Shopping day2

Well, another incredibly busy week and not much time to blog. But, finally, I was able to log in for a while so I have a few new things to write about—I really hit the stores and mad a big dent in my pocketbook. I have to credit my friend Anya Ohmai because she found these “fat” pants first,  but I think they are super cute and after I made an outfit with them decided I would go ahead and show them. Well technically they are called Arajin pants, but they are all puffy and fat so….;)  Well, I hope they don’t make me look fat (do they?) ’cause I love the fullness and shape of them. They are available in 4 colors and only cost 50L so they are a real bargain! I added a  tightly fitted, long-sleeved tee that I would definitely wear in rl and one of my new favorite scarfs from Michami. The tee has wonderful texturing and as a bonus  comes with the brooch attached.  The Armidi gold belt is nice and chunky and is an old favorite.

fat pants accessories2

I wanted some sort of heavy, chunky shoes to balance the pants and these are the Safari Schoo from AW Design worn with a pair of white anklets from Maitreya. Oh and by the way check out the fabbie earrings. They are part of the new collection from LaGyo. Read more below and click on the pictures for a larger more detailed view.

Fat pants-3 girls

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Maltie Goodness

June 18, 2009

close up Malt purple jacketMalt recently released some incredibly cute suede jackets and skirts. You can buy them separately so mixing and mashing is easy. And the jacket is not just a jacket but can work as a vest, or a short sleeve jacket as well. There are several colors—all wonderful! Here I put together a couple of different looks with just two of the colors. I love the detail (hand stitching) and the suede texture is so fantastic I want to rub my pixel fingers all over it….soft!!! worn under it is one of the cutest tops around right now from Kookies— the Twiggy vest. It comes on all layers so you can wear it under, over, tucked in or out. I love it when designers give us that option…makes all the difference in putting things together. The Malt skirt and jacket also come on multiple layers. 🙂3 malt skirt and jacket

For the second version I made a super casual jeans look with the Raffia colored “vest”. I am wearing another vest under it..and a blouse under that for maximum layering fun.  Anyway, this is another winner from Malt and I think Khea Karas is one of the best designers in sl right now. Always raising the bar with her styles and textures. The fit on the skirt is really amazing and the belt is available as a separate piece too so you can use it with other outfits. Yay! The jeans are from Malt too and I love the way they fit. Oh and the hair from Foam (first look) is new to me. I love it. Nice and full and yet wispy too. If you haven’t been to Foam go it check out —they have lots of cute hair.

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Dream a Little Dream

June 3, 2009


Applonia Criss at Chankare has unveiled her new collection and it is full of beautiful and lovely surprises. I spent an hour or so there at the opening and dropped quite a few lindens but it was well worth it. The collection runs the gamut from dreamy and frothy confections to slinky and sexy haute couture. This was the first dress I bought. I knew as soon as I saw it, it was “the one”.  I love the ballerina length skirt and the yards and yards of pixelated organza that float around the body like so many petals of  fresh flowers. The colors are soft and delicate, not always an easy thing to pull off in our virtual world. I especially love the frothy treatment around the bodice and shoulders.  If you haven’t been yet, please go see all the goodness and dream a little dream yourself!

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Andiamo a Venezia!

June 2, 2009

Venetian Morning on the Grand Canal PortraitWhen I bought this cute t-shirt from Pink Outfitters I thought it had a summery, sort of nautical feel, but somehow once I added the straw hat…well it definitely had a Venetian feel…. sort of a gondolier’s striped t-shirt with the added cuteness of a lily right in the middle. So dressed for it, I hopped over to Venice to get into the total Venetian experience. The only thing not like Venice — there were no hordes of tourists! 🙂 But the beautiful architecture, the canals of sparkling water and the gondolas were all there.  So a quick trip to Venice and a beautiful sunrise over the Grand Canal. Ahhhhh! Andiamo!

3 Venice in the morning


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