Sweetest Hello

May 31, 2009

Sweetest Hello1I was so excited when I got the notice that Sweetest Goodbye was having a sale! It is a great store with wonderful style and the quality is impeccable. I already had a lot of their items in my inventory but couldn’t wait to add a few more. I had been wanting this tiny skirt for a while but had not bought it so it was the first thing I put in my shopping bag! And I really love it, the detailing, the cute prim pockets on the side with the little drawstrings hanging down and the underwear that shows just slightly above the low-riding mini. It’s a simple look that I wanted to sweeten a little with the sweet, sweet hair from Cumu. This updo also comes in the same style but with flowers added around the back which makes it even sweeter. (Not shown here but go check it out if you haven’t been there yet.)

Sweetest Goodbye miniThe Michami Glam top has become a staple in my wardrobe, not only is it beautifully textured but it is tintable which gives it so much flexibility and…. it comes on layers too. Yay for layers! The scarf is also from Michami. I have a weakness for accessories and am afraid to count how many scarfs I have in my inventory but I must say these scarfs are among my favorites. They wrap just right and have a wonderful slightly shiny texture.  I was amazed at how well the P.C Springtime earrings matched the whole lot with a sort of orange cast to the gold and I like the large size with this simple little outfit. So if you haven’t been over to Sweetest Goodbye, go right away and pick up some of the favorites you have been lusting after!

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Color Me Happy

May 30, 2009

Coco flowered sweater outfitphotoI got this cute little flowered cardigan from Coco a few weeks back and decided this morning it was a bright flowery thing that really suited my mood today.  For me this is something you might wear down to the boardwalk—and with the black and white check playsuit/swimsuit under it—you could sun yourself or go for an impromtu quick swim. I really like the way the cardigan fits— sort of loosely hanging back on the shoulders. Coco really is an expert in prim clothing and I always love the way her clothing fits.

3 coco ssweater girls

The three tiered, flounce skirt is from the Closet. This skirt has been really popular this year and I for one, ended up buying it in every color. It is paired with a playsuit/swimsuit from Thimbles. I am a big fan of checks, especially black and white so as soon as I saw this I bought it. Once I got home and tried it on, I loved it so much I went back for a couple of other colors since it makes such a cute top for mash-ups. The jewelry is all from different designers and I think it works really well together with white flowers as the uniting theme. Anyway, I was happy with this look and hope you like it too.

See ya,
❤ Elisabeth

thimbles checkcomposite

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It’s getting hot now and I feel like summery short skirts and cotton shirts…casual and fun…something to wear for a day spent drinking coffee at a cafe, doing a little shopping and hanging out with friends. The other day I was with Sachi Vixen, the wonderful clothing designer from Adam n Eve,  while she was putting the finishing touches on this striped cotton shirt and I love the way it turned out! This one is in melon (a yummy color) and it comes in many others—all of them are soft and summery.  The shirt also has cute prim cuffs but I opted to wear bracelets instead …we really need more attachment points!!  I looove this denim skirt. The texturing is great and the length is definitely perfect for a hot summer day. 2 girlsb

2 accessory shots

I added Maitreya’s Coin Belt which seems to look great with just about everything and Zaara’s new stacked bracelets (a must-have if you love bracelets and they too are available in many color combinations).  I’m wearing some of my favorite Armidi platform sandals and a super cute new purse from Bare Rose. Here I am carrying the brown but there are 4 other colors. So now I’m off for an iced coffee. See ya!

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Original dress

Wow…between traveling and work, I haven’t had any time to blog. 😦 But I recently logged in and found all the new Paper Couture Spring goodness. I sort of went crazy…Paper Couture crazy!! I love the whole flower theme and the spring colors. The jewelry is fantastic (my jewelry box is now bulging) and the shoes are some of the most incredible I have seen in sl. So I wanted to put a post together— although I know everyone has been there, seen all the fabbie things and spent their lindens!!! Come on, I have to justify—at least to myself—all my spending (!!) So here is one of my favorite Paper Couture Spring Collection outfits, Beaded Wildflowers,  re-imagined a couple of different ways. Above you see the original dress with all its wonderful detail. I really love the colors and textures! The big flower on my head is from one of the incredible new hairs from the Lu sisters–but worn here on a different hair style.

in a frame33+ red hatI love the bright pinks and the tight -fitting pants with this top too. I added the belt with the bow which is modifed and taken from an Armidi coat dress. Below is a third outfit created with the same top by adding a short skirt ….super, super cute… from Sugarcube. It comes in several colors and is a great, versatile addition to the wardrobe. I really love the shape. Instead of the agate necklace worn above, this is worn with the P.C. Fabric Bead scarf necklace….one of my favorite things from the entire P.C. collection. Anyway, sorry about the picture spam but I just couldn’t decide on my favorite…I liked them all.  Hope you do too. Yay for the Lu sisters!!!

short skirt_014 2 girls

P.C. accessories

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