Cutie Pie Pumpkin Pants

April 10, 2009

cutie-pie-pumpkin-pantsThe sun is shining, the birdies are singing and I feel……like wearing Pumpkin Pants!!  OK these Pumpkin Pants (really the name) are sooooo cute……that when I walked into Coco’s new  location and saw them, I didn’t think twice…click, click, click. No fatpacks unfortunately—so I just had to get all the colors separately. They come in beige, black, blue and white…all with the belt as part of the pants which means it fits perfectly! The short jean jacket is also from Coco and the sculpty parts are so well done it is irresistible. If you were not into jean jackets before—you will be after you try this one.pumpkin-pants-3

For the hair I wanted something really fun and this one from DejaVu sort of sets the tone for the entire outfit. I think it has a sort of “Cutie Pie” look to it…. just look at the Smiley faces 🙂 on the pony tail holder!!! To finish it off I put on these platform lace-up heels from AW Designs. These shoes make me really smile…there is something a little Minnie Mouse about them…especially worn with something like this. Hope you like it too. OK. Now I am going outside…to listen to the birdies.

See ya,


Hair: DejaVu; Yukina 2,  Natural blonde
Lashes: Cake; Bedroom lashes
Skin: Redgrave; Leona, Pale skin, Soft pink
Sweater: Pink Outfitters; French Scoop Neck, Red Wine
Jacket: Coco; Denim Jacket, Midnight
Shorts: Coco, Pumpkin Pants, White
Scarf: Decoy, Mraz Scarf, Midnight
Bracelets: Creamshop; Glam Bangle, White
Purse: +plus; Rock Clutch, White
Shoes: AW Design; Schoo, Midnight Blue
Socks: Maitreya; Sculpted Socks, White

3 Responses to “Cutie Pie Pumpkin Pants”

  1. Super cute look! Oh, and thank you for adding me. Did the same to your blog. :oD

  2. Chance Says:

    How cute! Love those shorts! 🙂

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