Fashionable Relay Challenge #29

April 8, 2009


Whoa…this has been a long wait!  Lots of participants and so much fun watching everyone “do their thing” and then pass on the baton—each person creating new looks from one piece chosen from the previous blogger’s outfit. I kept nervously checking to see when it would be my turn and as luck would have it when my turn finally arrived—I had rl constantly pulling me away from the job at hand. Finally I got to it. When I saw the super cute and colorful outfit Nissa Nightfire put together my first thought was ohhhh…cool pants, have to have them —and I raced out to buy them (got the fatpack).  But I also bought the RunoRuno tank and after I tried it on I knew it would be the item. I love the texture and the way the straps fall down around the shoulders. I loved it so much in fact that I made more than one outfit with it. I like to explore all the options so I shot several versions and here is one of them.  I will blog another one…since hey….! I already did all the work!  But this is my Official Fashion Relay outfit.

composite-jeans3Super casual, the plaid shirt from Thimbles is layered over my favorite tank top from Michami. This whole look is about accessories and these are some of my favs. The bracelet from Yummy is super cute with the heart charms and is scripted to color change the bands. For the cross necklace I had to go to Cardianal Sin. A great place to check out in case you need any Ecclesiastical vestements. The hat and hair are from ETD and the dockers which are really amazing are by Hoorenbeek. The tote is from Polina Kaestler who has opened her new main store and the gorgeous belt from Coco.

two-jeansThanks to Sasy Scarborough for coming up with this challenge….just one of the many, many incredible things she does! And now I pass the baton to an SL Icon…the beautiful, talented and famous Callie Cline…..(and I must say one of the most generous and nicest designers in our SL world.) Click on any of the photos for a larger version and more detail.

Details and where to get it:

Hair/hat: ETD; Janine, Sunny
Lashes: Cake; Bedroom lashes
Skin: Redgrave; Lyla, Pale skin, Smokey 1
Shirt: Thimbles; das Plainator, Grey
Tank: RunoRuno; Knit tank
Undershirt: MichaMi GlamTank, White
Jeans: Armidi; Grace jeans, Faded Chic (may only be available on their website)
Shoes: Horenbeek; Dockers, White Leather
Belt: Coco; WideBelt(Embossing), Black
Bracelet: Yummy; Found Hearts Bracelet (Scripted)
Necklace: Basilica Cardinale; Obsidian Rosary Necklace, F (modified color)
Earrings: Baiastice; Cristal Earrings, Yellow Gold

10 Responses to “Fashionable Relay Challenge #29”

  1. Fantastic post, and such a great look. I love the Runo Runo tank it started off my big addiction for that store.


  2. […] 29 is up and its a doozy, beautiful pics and inspiration over at oulalamode HERE, passing the fashionable baton on to Callie Cline HERE, can’t wait to see what Callie has in […]

  3. absolutely terrific!

  4. Zoe Demar Says:

    hehe I grabbed that top a few days ago along with a few others – instant faves, glad to see it getting noticed more and more 🙂

  5. lol… i also bought more than one piece from the blog prior to mine…. very dangerous! But — you’ve got some great pieces now 🙂

  6. The perfect outfit for serious shopping! Love it! 🙂

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