When I posted my entry in the fashionable relay challenge (#29) a few days ago I promised to show one of the other outfits I made with the super cute RunoRuno tank that was my “baton” piece. Well here it is. The thing is…. I loved everything I put on with that tank and the way you can use it long or short,  layered or not. (Here I am wearing it cropped but if you want to see it long check the earlier blog entry.) In the first photo here it is almost hidden— since it is under the Kurotsubaki cardigan sweater—but I wanted to show it as one might wear it in rl—by itself on a warm day—but covered by a cardigan when the sun goes down.


The Lelutka pants are from the new spring collection. I love the wide flowing pant bottoms that graze the floor and the way the thick knit waistband folds over. I tried different bags but this one—also from Lelutka—has just the right soft, slouchy feel. I’m wearing two different necklaces (sometimes you have to change attachment points and do a little editing but it is worth the effort).


I included  the portrait shot at the end to show the skin I am wearing from Your Skins. I don’t usually wear freckles but I really love these! So natural looking, and the skin comes with and without in case you aren’t having a freckle kind of  day. 🙂  As always to see more photographic detail, just click on the photos.

See ya,

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Cutie Pie Pumpkin Pants

April 10, 2009

cutie-pie-pumpkin-pantsThe sun is shining, the birdies are singing and I feel……like wearing Pumpkin Pants!!  OK these Pumpkin Pants (really the name) are sooooo cute……that when I walked into Coco’s new  location and saw them, I didn’t think twice…click, click, click. No fatpacks unfortunately—so I just had to get all the colors separately. They come in beige, black, blue and white…all with the belt as part of the pants which means it fits perfectly! The short jean jacket is also from Coco and the sculpty parts are so well done it is irresistible. If you were not into jean jackets before—you will be after you try this one.pumpkin-pants-3

For the hair I wanted something really fun and this one from DejaVu sort of sets the tone for the entire outfit. I think it has a sort of “Cutie Pie” look to it…. just look at the Smiley faces 🙂 on the pony tail holder!!! To finish it off I put on these platform lace-up heels from AW Designs. These shoes make me really smile…there is something a little Minnie Mouse about them…especially worn with something like this. Hope you like it too. OK. Now I am going outside…to listen to the birdies.

See ya,


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Whoa…this has been a long wait!  Lots of participants and so much fun watching everyone “do their thing” and then pass on the baton—each person creating new looks from one piece chosen from the previous blogger’s outfit. I kept nervously checking to see when it would be my turn and as luck would have it when my turn finally arrived—I had rl constantly pulling me away from the job at hand. Finally I got to it. When I saw the super cute and colorful outfit Nissa Nightfire put together my first thought was ohhhh…cool pants, have to have them —and I raced out to buy them (got the fatpack).  But I also bought the RunoRuno tank and after I tried it on I knew it would be the item. I love the texture and the way the straps fall down around the shoulders. I loved it so much in fact that I made more than one outfit with it. I like to explore all the options so I shot several versions and here is one of them.  I will blog another one…since hey….! I already did all the work!  But this is my Official Fashion Relay outfit.

composite-jeans3Super casual, the plaid shirt from Thimbles is layered over my favorite tank top from Michami. This whole look is about accessories and these are some of my favs. The bracelet from Yummy is super cute with the heart charms and is scripted to color change the bands. For the cross necklace I had to go to Cardianal Sin. A great place to check out in case you need any Ecclesiastical vestements. The hat and hair are from ETD and the dockers which are really amazing are by Hoorenbeek. The tote is from Polina Kaestler who has opened her new main store and the gorgeous belt from Coco.

two-jeansThanks to Sasy Scarborough for coming up with this challenge….just one of the many, many incredible things she does! And now I pass the baton to an SL Icon…the beautiful, talented and famous Callie Cline…..(and I must say one of the most generous and nicest designers in our SL world.) Click on any of the photos for a larger version and more detail.

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La Subtilite Des Nuance

April 5, 2009

detail4 Ok, I admit it…a couple of weeks ago when Lelutka’s new Spring line came out I went a little crazy. I wanted everything in EVERY color. What I found really great were the subtle  nuances of the spring colors when they were layered with other fabrics. Gorgeous. I finally got a grip and at least managed to limit myself on the color selections but it wasn’t easy. I have snuck back a couple of times to add pieces in more colors. But…shhh!…..I don’t want news of my Lelutka addiction to get around. This top was the very first piece I bought. I loved the color and the pattern and when I tried it on  !Wow!  it fit so well and had a sheer layer that looked so realistic that I was hooked. I won’t tell you how many colors I now own but let’s leave it at “a few”.

side-and-back I also have a new love for system skirts. I do alter my shape in order to control the “large derriere syndrome” but then I think they look really great. (If only that were possible in my other life!) The skirt I am wearing here is from Maitreya and I wanted it in every color as well but hey, my Lindens will only go so far.  I did manage to buy a couple and I must say this color is so wonderful. It is a brown with a slightly yellow cast that pairs wonderfully with gold.
I added some of my all-time favorite shoes from Armidi (I made a large photo so you could see the fantastic texture and color) and an Armidi bag too. They really know how to do “gold” at that store. The necklace is from Icon and has lots of chains and charms… but light in feeling. The earrings are also new from Miabella Foxley for Lelutka. Okies..I feel good…spring is here and the new spring clothes are arriving..slife is good!

(Click on any photos for a larger view!)

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Spandex and Silk

April 4, 2009


OK, two posts in one day and both including the same item! No I haven’t lost my mind and please forgive me, but earlier I featured Lelutka’s new Michelle shorts paired with leather. It is just that when I decided to change clothes, I loved the shorts so much I wanted to keep wearing them and this is the result. So here is a second outfit, where the same shorts are given a tailored white silk blouse to show off their high waist. This outfit has a totally different feel that I really like and although it is very simple I decided to share it with you. Something more casual and oriented for day. I am wearing some of Viola Leigh’s (of Redgrave) newest sandals. I love, love, love the way they fit and wrap the leg. The earrings were a recent find from +plus along with the cute clutch bag. It’s so much fun to make the different looks…. and play with all the fun accessories. Check out the diamond bee necklace from Paper Couture. (If you can’t find it in the store, it is still for sale on X-street and there is a ring available too.) By the way, these Lelutka shorts come in lots of colors including some yummy ones for spring….and they are so comfy.  Ahhh! Spandex. Just don’t forget to suck in the tummy. 😉

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Leather and Spandex

April 4, 2009


Sometimes a little spandex and leather is just what you need to make your day….or night. In this case, the Lelutka Michelle spandex shorts with rolled cuffs and high waist. I thought just a simple leather jacket with a few buckles here and there was enough to finish off a sleek look perfect for clubbing. This jacket from Aoharu is one of my favorites (and it has the collar shown as well as a fur collar you can add). To dress it up just a little are the sexy, very high-heeled boots from Bax Cohen in patent leather. Not so easy to dance in but they look great! Short black socks add an edge and a pocket book with a wrist strap that makes it easy to hang on to is a must for going out. In a little tribute to Barbie’s 5oth birthday I added the Armidi Superpony which is most assuredly Barbie at her 50-year old best and never looking the worse for wear.


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