Cello Practice

March 30, 2009


When you play the cello you have to practice…but ahem….as you can see, occasionally I hit a flat note. 😦  But my cello is beautiful and best of all it comes with its own melodies that do actually always sound perfect. I also play the flute so I should (^^) spend a lot more time practicing. Both my cello and flute are from poco a poco where you can find some beautifully made musical instruments including harps, pianos, violas and violins. They all come with melodies and you can even buy extra ones just in case you feel like giving a concert for your friends. While playing I am wearing one of my favorite shorts outfits from Michami. It is jazzed up with python-printed tights (freebies!) and some amazingly bright jewelry from Fabulous and Icon. The leather jacket is from Muism. None of the items seen here are really new but I love them all, especially my Dejavu hair! Okies, got to run….shopping to do, enough practice!

❤ Elisabeth




Cello: Poco a Poco
Hair: Dejavu; Yuria, Natural blonde
Skin: Redgrave: Pale Skin, Leona, softpink
Glasses: Role Optic;  Eternity I
Necklace and Earrings: FabulouS; Platinum Collection
Bracelet: ICON; SWbAngle,  gold
Ring: Redgrave; Big Saphire
Jumpsuit: MichaMi; Lulu, Brown
Undershirt tank: Camie Cooper; Long Tank Tops, tinted by me
Jacket: Muism; Leather Bomber Jacket, Dark Brown/Beige
Tights: Saya; Python tights, Brown (free)
Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots; Boho Special Ed., Brown
Bag: SLink; Signature Series Tote Bag,  Dark Olive

3 Responses to “Cello Practice”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. You gotta be the coolest chello chick in SL!
    Love your blog too! Hugs Chance

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