Taking Care of Business

March 17, 2009

taking care of business/city

Things really have been hectic these past few days in SL. What with the Relay for Life Clothing Fair and all its fantastic people— the organizers, the designers, the entertainers and the general shopping public who have been there in droves—it is hard to think about much else. But at the same time we have St. Paddy’s Day, some great hunts and (!) Lelutka’s Spring line coming out. So, I have decided to show what I have been wearing around instead of featuring all the new items I have been adding to my already bulging inventory. (I need a day or two to sort it all out!)  Anyway, I love this look with its tight, straight skirt and patent leather belt paired with the Akeyo man-ish hat and severe hair cut. To balance out the masculinity there are the diamond earrings from Redgrave that give it a nice little edge. The plaid top is from Lelutka’s LaLa coat from their Fall collection. To soften the neckline, sey’s Afghan stole which is scriptable (both to resize and texture).  By the way, I did NOT wear this to the RFL as everyone is asked to please keep their ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as possible. Free outfits are being given out which will help reduce lag and make the Fair a better experience for everyone. For info on how to reduce ARC check out the official blog of RFL here.



Skin: Redgrave; Pale Skin, Leona, Cherry
Hair: MMS hair; Sill, Natural Blond
Manicure: (CS) Lulu Fingernails, Dark Red
Skirt: MAiiKI;  From outfit, Strapless & Patent Black
Belt: MAiiKI;  From outfit, Strapless & Patent Black
Top: Cachet (now Lelutka); from LALAcoat, Gray
Shoes: AW Design; Schoo, Black
Socks: SF Designs; Frilly socks, White
Bag: House of Heart; Chicago bag, Black
Scarf: Sey; Afghan Stole, Simple[A]
Glasses: Insolence; Danielle Black Fashion Glasses
Hat: Akeyo; Fedora, GreyWool
Earrings: Redgrave; Dangle Diamond

4 Responses to “Taking Care of Business”

  1. Anemysk Karu Says:

    Very nice styling!

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