The Shape of Things

March 8, 2009


Sometimes, it’s just the design of the fabric or maybe the color that draws you in…..but for me this top/dress from The Closet was all about the shape. Soft and feminine, light and airy with a delicate empire waist— it just said “buy me”.  It has beautifully detailed prim pearl buttons on the sleeves and front and a layer of dotted voile over the top that gives it depth. It will be great worn as a dress with high-wrapping sandals for warmer weather, but for today I wanted a sophisticated, yet casual afternoon outfit. Something to wear to an uptown lunch. Add a pair of linen pants, pearl earrings, some chic flats and voila’.

❤ Elisabeth


Dress/Top: The Closet; Dot Dress, Ivory
Pants: Elephant Outfitters: Journey Tweed Slacks, White
Stole: CeCubic Effect, Stole, Beige
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci; Sasche flats, Sheek
Handbag: Armidi Gisaci, Porta Corsico Bag, Creme
Earrings: Muse; Claris Pearl Earrings in Gold
Glasses: Armidi Gisasci, Fi Umo Sunglasses, White Turtoise/Brown Lens
Skin: Redgrave:Pale Skin,Gracia, Brown
Hair: Fascino, Arime, White
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes

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