Meet Oscar!

March 2, 2009

oscar-composite-2Look what I got for my birthday…Oscar! Isn’t he cute? I know you have already seen these darling dogs sold by Zoobies….they really are the ultimate accessory and they are so much fun. He looks around, and barks, and makes all kinds of little puppy noises. (Luckily it’s all menu-driven if you don’t want to be bothered by the sound).  Oscar is accessorizing a cute little Tyrolean outfit from Anuenue…one of my newly found favorite stores. The cardigan is a nicely textured, Austrian boiled wool with ribbon trim embroidered with what looks very much like edelweiss ❤ .   The half pants are wide-wale corduroy trimmed with mouton at the knee and they have the most wonderful pocket and waistband detail. (To see the detail larger, click on the photo.) I  love the Timberland-style hiking boots from Swaffette Firefly and the belt from Reale. Oh, oh, oh… and check the detailing on Oscar’s carrier…toys! Even a miniature sock-monkey. It just can’t get any cuter.

❤  Elisabeth



Cardigan: Anuenue; Tirolean Cardi, BR
Turtleneck: Lelutka; Turtleneck, Brown (color modified)
Bottom of sweater (Pantie layer): MichaMi Glamtank; Darkbrown (color modified)
Pants: Anuenue; Mouton half pants, Beige
Shoes: SF (Swaffette Firefly) design; Timberland style boots, Brown
Socks: UnTone Quilt;  Mokomoko Socks, Brown
Tights: Jill; Stockings, FN, Brown
Gloves, En-svale; Gloves, Olive
Belt: Reale; Prim belt, Dark brown
Puppy and carrier: Zooby’s; “The Z Bag,”  Beagle Carrier
Hat and Hair: Redlic; RxR605K
Skin: Redgrave; Pale Skin, Jennifer, Brown

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