Channeling Agyness Deyn

February 3, 2009

I love the look of model Agyness Deyn and this look was inspired by some of the things I see her wear. As a matter of fact, in a recent issue of Vogue she was wearing something very similar and I wanted to recreate the look in SL. A very important part is the white-blond unruly hair and the ubiquitous hat. From Akeyo, here in SL I found almost the same fedora she was wearing in the photo I saw (Akeyo makes fantastically textured and sculpted hats!) The scarf is Armidi but I modified it to make it much longer. Agyness wasn’t wearing these shoes but if she had been to Redgrave…… she would’ve been!!! These tennis shoe boots (atheletic heels is the Redgrave  name) are so cute and they come in several color combinations…so, really, go have a look. Anyways, here it is…my version of Agyness Deyn in SL!  See ya,

❤ Elisabeth

Agyness Deyn at wall

Agyness Deyn/accessories

Jacket: AOHARU; SailorCollarJacket, Black
Sweater: DPyumyum;  V-neck knit, Yellow
Red Vest: Cupcakes; Poofy Jacket, Red 2
Scarf: Armidi; Winter Plaid Scarf (F), Black & White
Pants: Armidi Gisaci; Brindisi Slacks, Black
Belt: Coco; LeatherBelt, 02, Black/silver
Bag: Coco; ShoulderBag, Black
Hat: Akeyo; Fedora, Grey Wool
Socks: LeeZu Baxter; AmourStockings, Black
Tennis Shoe Boots: Redgrave; Athlete Heels, Gold/Black

4 Responses to “Channeling Agyness Deyn”

  1. Kati Etzel Says:

    Gorgeous and unique as usual!

  2. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    This is a great look Elizabeth, and I can totally see agyness in you. Lol, well she would most likely be seen wearing flat oxford-like shoes, but I agree with, if she had been to redgrave, not sure she’d resist. ehe xoxo

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