While cleaning and sorting inventory the other day I came across an old favorite from Last Call. The whole LC outfit is named Marguerite and I always loved it. Beautiful textures and design, the trademark of Ginny Talamasca. I confess I am guilty of wearing mostly new acquisitions …probably because I forget what I have buried in the deep recesses of my closet!  Oh, so here was the perfect opportunity to put it  (the top at least) together with one of my new favorites from Coco, the Party Dress.  Since the Last Call top is transparent I added under it the top part of another old favorite from Ghost! by Triangle Caudron. (Ghost! is no longer around but Triangle is and has a new store called Triangle so go see it for some of the most imaginative design on the grid.)  A recent purchase was the Goth Necklace from Fashionably Dead….I love the multiple chains and the length. The sash is taken from Day Dream from Sweetest Goodbye, which I modified slightly. I found this clutch bag at +plus and if you haven’t been there you should go, lots of really great goodies there. Anyway after a hard day of cleaning inventory I was happy with this look and have resolved to continue to incorporate older items from my inventory into my daily wardrobe. Those that have the quality and the style will stay in the closet and the others that haven’t stood the test of time will be weeded out and *gasp* deleted.  The point is don’t forget the some of the old favs……bring them out and have fun!

❤ Elisabeth



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To Boho or not to Boho….

February 16, 2009

…that is the question. I was so excited to see Maitreya’s new releases and raced down to see all the yummy newness. I really loved the new sculpted tops and belts and finally chose which colors to bring home. My first inclination was to go Boho and I quickly put together the first look.  I originally thought I would use the batik version for the Boho look but as it turned out once I started working with the batik top a totally different, definitely non-Boho version was the outcome. I liked them both and so I share them with you…hope you like them too!

❤ Elisabeth

Look One:


3-for-blogLook Two:


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A Hat of a Different Color.

February 12, 2009

In my last post I showed you the cute hat by Coco in red that is free in her store. Well, today I want to show you the black and white one….they are just too cute to ignore. I do think this one is really fun…. dalmation spotted. Sort of a new take on Cruella Deville. Yikes. (No dalmations were harmed in the making of this post.) But…this one also has to be about the bag because Coco has this fabulous pink purse as a group gift right now ! So join up and take it home. And…yay… it matches the Barcelona slingbacks that I bought during the Armidi pink sale going on for Valentine’s Day. (And if you haven’t heard about that one…where have you been??? no erhm I mean…get on it!)  I added the little cropped lace jacket from Digit Darkes just to cover the shoulders and dress it up some. Soooo pretty in pink…….and black and white doggie spots.




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It’s All About the Hat.

February 11, 2009

This fantastic hat is a freebie from Coco and comes in red (shown) or in a black and white spotted design (super cute too). I really love it and wanted to put together a tailored spring or summer look to wear with it. I did the first version with a white Armidi blazer and a Lelutka shirt layered under the striped sweater from Pink Outfitters.  (Btw…. Pink is having a L50 sale on everything at their main location right now!!)  Anyway, I loved it with just the sweater too so here it is both ways. Ahhhh, where are you spring?

See ya,

❤ Elisabeth



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Yeah…what if?  An interesting idea that became a challenge from .  I love reading the feeds and enjoy seeing the same thing worn in so many different, creative ways. It is not just the individual style…. blogger, fashionista, or reader…..that makes the difference but one’s mood on any particular day that changes things up. For me it is all about the styling and enjoying everyone’s unique sense of dressing that makes it fun. I know I got on the band-wagon a little late for this one….but still wanted to put together my version of an outfit with the Armidi Gisaci shirt. (Today is a casual-feeling day for me.) So here it is…..

❤ Elisabeth


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Channeling Agyness Deyn

February 3, 2009

I love the look of model Agyness Deyn and this look was inspired by some of the things I see her wear. As a matter of fact, in a recent issue of Vogue she was wearing something very similar and I wanted to recreate the look in SL. A very important part is the white-blond unruly hair and the ubiquitous hat. From Akeyo, here in SL I found almost the same fedora she was wearing in the photo I saw (Akeyo makes fantastically textured and sculpted hats!) The scarf is Armidi but I modified it to make it much longer. Agyness wasn’t wearing these shoes but if she had been to Redgrave…… she would’ve been!!! These tennis shoe boots (atheletic heels is the Redgrave  name) are so cute and they come in several color combinations…so, really, go have a look. Anyways, here it is…my version of Agyness Deyn in SL!  See ya,

❤ Elisabeth

Agyness Deyn at wall

Agyness Deyn/accessories

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