I love Aubergine

December 21, 2008

Well yes…. to eat…. but mostly I love the color…and it does sound so much better in french. Somehow “eggplant”  just doesn’t bring up the same feeling. At any rate…a fantastic color and one of the reasons I bought this coat from Musim. Luckily, the next day I found the new Tesla shoes in purple and it was just the look I wanted. The Liriope skin by Ai Baroque is soft and pretty with just the right color eye make-up. Yum-yum for aubergine.

❤  Elisabeth




Coat: Muism; Knitted Cardi-Coat, Purple
Blouse: Muism; Satin Ruffle Top, White
Blouse ruffle at neck: B@R; Blenda White Chest
Stockings: Bijou; StockingD, Pink
Bag: ETD; City Handbag, Purple
Shoes: Tesla; High Oxford, Purple
Gloves: Fleur; Merlot (available at On-Rez)
Belt: Blanc, Chain belt
Sunglasses: Armidi gisaci; Lifestyle Aviators, Pink Lenses
Eyes: SS; Eye Series4_10
Hair: DH; Nika, Tootsie Brown
Skin: Lyriope: Heloise, Purple

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