Parallel Loves

November 21, 2008


parallel love coat

I found 2 new things a couple of days ago and I wanted to wear them both. One was the super cute new hair from MMShair, Mary Kate and the second a little fur jacket from Parallel Love. (It comes in 5 colors and is a bargain at 30 Lindens…. so check it out!)  I felt like wearing a casual, but slightly upscale look so I decided to pair the jacket with a sweater I bought a while back but hadn’t worn yet….a wonderfully textured, off-the-shoulder from LeeZu Baxter. You can wear it long or short depending on the layer and it has prim collar, and sleeve cuffs. I added the optional belt and flared bottom (sold separately). The belt has a highly  detailed round rhinestone buckle that I love. To keep my neck warm, I added Ce Cubic Effects new stole and textured it myself with a faux animal print. Perfect for heading off to class with my new portfolio.

Hope you like it

❤ Elisabeth

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More Pashmina

November 15, 2008

pashmina-shawlI love these pashminas so much….I had to post just one more of these. If you see me around the grid in the next few hours, er..ehm…days I will probably be wearing one. This one is the peaches and cream and I threw it on with  Last Call Jodphers and an Aoharu leather jacket. These shawls are so pixeliscious!

❤ Elisabeth

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Pashmina Me

November 14, 2008


pashmina-me21Ok, seriously, the new pashmina shawls from Zaara Kohime are one of the best looking items to hit our pixelated shores in a while. Thanks to Mariya Nesiote’s blog….I saw and bought in the space of minutes…I didn’t even spend my usual amount of time (a lot) standing in front of the vendors trying to decide which one to buy…no, no, no…. not this time. I went straight for both fatpacks and tp’d home to start trying them on. This beautiful black shawl with the vibrant floral pattern was the first I tried and I wanted some strong color to play against it.

Rumage through the inventory for the Armidi jacket I remembered that had the right city look and color and then rumage a little more for the wide legged pants. Ahhhh…..I’m in pixel heaven.

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Bijouaholic Babe

November 12, 2008



The new bijou sim (bijouaholic) is open  and the new store is all it was promised to be. A beautiful build and a new collection too. Well maybe not a whole new collection but there are lots of cute new items. One that really appealed to me is this dress from the Aria outfit. The Aria set includes two jackets—one long-sleeved with fur trim and one short-sleeved version— and a pair of black pants and gloves. I love the length of the skirt and also this rich, elegant, chocolate brown Jacquard fabric. With black satin collar and black satin above-the-elbow gloves…what can I say but WOW!  I paired it with Stiletto Moody’s Bitch booties to give it a little edge, a big chunky necklace and earrings from Paper Couture,  and a  wrapped stole from Cubic Effect.

❤ Elisabeth

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Autumn Leaves

November 10, 2008


The air is crisp today, I can smell woodsmoke from fireplaces, but it’s still warm in the sun…the sparkling colors of autumn are everywhere and I felt inspired by them. I love this Bolero sweater with its scarf and hood from Ibizarre in the golden brown and started with that. The rest just fell into place. The super-cute tartan muggies are soft and comfy and feel like fall. The key necklace with the mandarin colored garnet is from the Miriel hunt when she opened her new sim and the detailing is awesome…same with the belt from Shiny Things…. I always love it when I put it on. Tail-gate party anyone?

❤ Elisabeth

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Rainy Day Women

November 9, 2008



It was pouring here today in rl soooooo, I hunted around for this really cute raincoat I bought some while back and got myself decked out in it. It is really cute with its clear prim bottom and stand-up collar. I needed a little sunshine hence the bright yellow top, the yellow tartan scarf from Muism and the hat/hair from ::69::, ( I modified the hat by changing the texture). OK… ’nuff said.

See ya,

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In the Trenches

November 3, 2008

So I know this trench coat is going to get the heck blogged out of it so I may as well blog it too. I love it. It comes in lots and lots and lots of colors but I went for the dark brown….it looks like soft leather to me. I felt in the mood for something a little chic today so I paired the coat with Cachet’s Seven Dress in black. Love the scrunchy front and the slightly below the knees hemline. I thought it needed a long pendant style necklace and this one from cream shop is one of my favorites. (I wish I could get it in rl!) The earrings are from the new fall collection of Paper Couture and have a matching necklace (not shown). For a lttle color- the patterned tights from bijou and the Trish Velvet handbag from Cachet which, by the way, comes with it’s own very cool ao. I may be wearing this around for a few days!

See ya,

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