Pompoms and Plaid

October 19, 2008

Soooo….this is my first blog post and I’m really excited about sharing my closet contents with you all….or em…anyone who cares to check it out.  I like to play with styles and experiment with things I might not wear in RL. Not that easy since I always find myself going for the kinds of things I do like to wear in RL so I have to push myself to go the extra mile.

The tartan hose from Elfa got me started on this outfit. I love them. There are three color packs available, red, blue, and brown. Each pack has four different plaids in it. Then, stuffed way down in my inventory, I found these yummy high-waisted Veschi shorts with the brass buttons. They have wonderful detailing and the cutest little back pockets…so I had to show you that. (They are doubly great because they are also pants.) The brown short sweater from Kurotsubaki, I have had for quite a while…I almost wore it out last year, but when I tried it on with these shorts it was perfect. The delicious knit hat and all its pompoms comes with a color choice and matched the sweater jez right. Yay! Underneath I layered one of my favorite sweater-knit tank tops and then I finished it off with white suede boots, my fav new necklace and tan leather gloves. Hope you like it.

❤ Elisabeth


Hair: MIRAI STYLE,  Fuka, Vanilla
Tank top: PINK OUTFITTERS, Paulina Graphic Wool Tank, golden sunset
Cardigan: KUROTSUBAKI, Short knit cardigan,  brown
Necklace: ICON, SW Necklace gold
Gloves: TAP, leather tan short
Boots: MAITREYA, Bloom boots white
Tights: ELFA Shop, Elfa tartan tights, brown 3
Skin: RAC, Tasha 05 (RAC is now Laqroki)

2 Responses to “Pompoms and Plaid”

  1. Nita Charron Says:

    Finally! Finally, Elizabeth has started a fashionista blog. Yes, I call her a fashionista. Why? Well just look at her. She always looks FAB.

    Elizabeth- I always love to see what you are wearing, the pieces that you put together in such a unique way always look beautiful. Be prepared for “mini-mes” to be spotted running around SL in your latest bloggies. *smile*

    Blog on!


  2. Aww…thanks Nita….you’re so supportive!

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