Boss Tweed

October 21, 2008

Yesterday I HAD to buy all the fat packs of Maitreya’s fabulous new SoHo boots. I got the notice and tp’d right over to check them out and WOW, click, click, click and they were mine-all-mine. These boots are so amazing with great textures so realistic, I can practically smell the new leather. I raced home with my boxes of new boots and started trying them on.  Earlier in the day, I had been wearing this fab, brown tweed jacket with the oh-so-scrummy corduroy pants that it came with… but with these boots I wanted/needed a skirt! I found just the one from a Maitreya knit dress I bought last season and paired it with some crocheted tights from Boing Fromage. The Tres Blah soft, hand knit muffler with the little dove pin added just a hint of soft color. I grabbed my brown tartan tote from ETD and was ready to go.

See ya.
❤ Elisabeth

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Pompoms and Plaid

October 19, 2008

Soooo….this is my first blog post and I’m really excited about sharing my closet contents with you all….or em…anyone who cares to check it out.  I like to play with styles and experiment with things I might not wear in RL. Not that easy since I always find myself going for the kinds of things I do like to wear in RL so I have to push myself to go the extra mile.

The tartan hose from Elfa got me started on this outfit. I love them. There are three color packs available, red, blue, and brown. Each pack has four different plaids in it. Then, stuffed way down in my inventory, I found these yummy high-waisted Veschi shorts with the brass buttons. They have wonderful detailing and the cutest little back pockets…so I had to show you that. (They are doubly great because they are also pants.) The brown short sweater from Kurotsubaki, I have had for quite a while…I almost wore it out last year, but when I tried it on with these shorts it was perfect. The delicious knit hat and all its pompoms comes with a color choice and matched the sweater jez right. Yay! Underneath I layered one of my favorite sweater-knit tank tops and then I finished it off with white suede boots, my fav new necklace and tan leather gloves. Hope you like it.

❤ Elisabeth
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