Still on vacation?

July 31, 2010

After several weeks of traveling, then coming home and then taking off again..I can’t seem to get back into the groove. I don’t know if it is the heat or just general laziness but it is a struggle to get motivated.  I have been logging in but not spending much time. So, I decided to jump back in and do a post or two and see if that doesn’t do the trick. Maybe part of the problem is that when I log in there are so many great new things that it is hard to catch up. All I want to do is shop—oh well, what’s new? I have a theory that one week in sl is like a four in rl….so if you are gone for two months, it is really more like 8 months..and a lot can happen in 8 months.

These are some pictures I took a few weeks ago and the items that make up the outfit aren’t really new releases now.  But I like the outfit and thought I would share. I absolutely love the big braid from Truth and modded it a bit to fit under one of my favorite hats from Lelutka. This hat was released last year but it comes in so many gorgeous colors that it is a summer must-have. The Zaara jewelry is amazing(<3 Zaara Kohime)…it really goes with so many things. I think here it adds a needed bit more color to the whole look. The jacket is from Maitreya and is worn over a jumpsuit (part of a dress) from Doppleganger— great fabric and simple design. More details on items and landmarks after the cut. And more posts to come soon.

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I recently found a shop I hadn’t seen before and fell in love with the light and airy creations. It is u.f.o. and there are all kinds of dresses, tops and sweaters (like the one I am wearing here) that are made up of light layers of chiffon-like pixels. I love that this sweater has a closure button in the shape of a rose (and in fact it even has more rose-shaped prim buttons which I chose not to wear since I wanted to wear the Paper Couture necklace that already was loaded up with roses). I’m wearing the sweater over one of Maitreya’s new releases, the Bubble dress. It has a great sculpted shape to the skirt and I love that you can tint the belt which helped me match the shoes. As though I didn’t already have enough roses draped around me the ring is a rose too. It’s from CentoPallini, a store with some really cute jewelry…so go check it out. The photos were shot at the PixelMode sim and if you haven’t been there, by all means you should go…a beautiful place! A great place for a walk in the country and to feel the wind in your pixel hair. I am wearing one of my favorite headbands from LaGyo to keep mine in place. :) See ya, Elisabeth

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Most of us know the story of Rumpelstiltskin. You know…the story of the miller’s daughter who, under the threat of death, was locked in a tower for 3 days by the king because he was told she could spin straw into gold (she couldn’t). The dwarf Rumelstiltskin who could but drove a hard bargain (her first born child). The dwarf spun lots of gold and made the king and the miller’s daughter both very happy. But… let’s just say when the time came she didn’t want to honor her bargain and (thinking she never could) the dwarf agreed he would let her off the hook if she could guess his name (she did.) Lucky for us…several sl designers seem to be spinning straw into gold and we only have to give up a few lindens (we can keep our first-born and no guessing games involved.)

For starters, Ce Cubic Effect has made this wonderful dress/top that is a golden, straw-colored, loose-weave linen fabric. It is done with all the usual panache of Ce Cubic Effect. The Muism pants are a golden beige…. also in a linen look fabric. The pants come with two lengths, the one shown and an ankle-length version. All the accessories are golden. LG Boutique makes the wonderful straw bag which is available in both large and small sizes and many other colors. <3 Gyorgyna! Donna Flora’s golden necklace has a bit of fabric shot through with golden threads that emphasize the beautiful stones. The pumps are from Pixel Mode and are must-haves (they are also available with socks). By the way, the fantastic tat is from Zahir by Astrid Soon. I love tattoos with writing! To see more any image in more detail just click on it. Landmarks and credits below the cut.
See ya, Elisabeth

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…would I wanna be anywhere else?  Those lyrics have been going around in my head all day. Just the chorus, but it won’t stop… Maybe it’s because finally the sun IS in the sky and it is shining.  Anyway maybe that is why I feel like wearing something fun. I got this great headpiece and new flower and lace skirt from LG Boutique (<3 Georgyna Larnia) that I wanted to wear so I started there. The little leopard tippet with pearl closing from Atelier AM is new too and something I really love but hadn’t worn yet so that went into the mix. You can’t have too many pearls so I added a long string of pearls (from AA as well). I liked the outfit worn with the red Mongolian fur from Fishy Strawberry  so I show it here both with and without. The little woven straw hand purse is from LG boutique too and it is sooooooooo cute…..and comes in tons of colors. Oh why, oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?

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Any Way You Look at It

April 7, 2010

I love the crispness of blue and white. Wearing it makes me want to go stand somewhere in the sunshine with a warm breeze blowing around me. Like on a dock overlooking some beautiful blue water. The dress is an old favorite, a simple white mini from Armidi worn with a jean jacket and white shirt from Aoharu layered over it.  And no matter which way you look at it—from the front or the back—the Zaara necklace looks GREAT. Zaara also makes a matching bracelet that wraps the wrist and drapes down the hand. <3 This is the turquoise stone necklace but it also comes in amethyst and onyx.  A really simple look that makes the necklace pop. OK….got to go out into the sunshine. See ya, Elisabeth

Click on any image for a high-res version. Details and landmarks after the cut.

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Still in the Pink

September 9, 2009

Still_in_the_Pink_close-upI don’t know why I am on a pink kick lately but I am….obviously not the right time for it since fall is arriving. Maybe a last attempt at a summery feeling? I have this beautiful, frothy top from Bare Rose in several colors and I love them all— but the pink one was just right for today. We all know that June Dion makes some of the most amazing clothing on the grid and this is certainly one example of what she does so well. The layers look so much like sheer chiffon—they float and are sheer and the fabric is really lovely. The top has been in my inventory for a while but new things in this outfit are the necklace and earrings. A new set from Mandala ( and thanks to Beanie Canning for steering me to this new shop—new to me at least). If you haven’t been to Mandala you should go over and have a look. I can tell you that you will certainly spend some lindens if you have them.  OK…next time I promise to blog a different color!! But oh I do love pink. Hope you do too.

See ya,

Still in the Pink

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Pink is the new Black

September 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink2Ok, well maybe not. But I admit it. I must love pink. I typed pink into my inventory the other day and I couldn’t believe how much pink I actually had. It seems to have inundated my closet. The reason I had typed pink in the first place was that I had found some cute shorts and knee length pants at MNK Shop and was trying on various combinations with existing inventory pieces. Anyway I had fun and came up with a couple of looks I liked and so decided to share them. First of all let me say, if you haven’t been to MNK then by all means GO! Lots of really cute items. When I saw these I clicked on “buy” immediately and when I got home and tried them on I wasn’t disappointed. There were three different pant shapes in the package. (I only show two here but the third is cute too…a little like culottes.) The set of three pants is only 90 lindens—what a bargain :) —and they come in two other colors too.

Pretty in Pink/3 shortsThe first look is with the puffy shorts and a sweater that is also from MNK. The sweater knit is a great texture and I love the shape of the bottom and how it stands out and doesn’t hug the body. It is also only 90 lindens and comes in six other colors as well. I put it with a prim vest from Sweetest Goodbye which worked well over the sweater prim.  I also love, love, love the purse from tres blah. Yummy. The book sticking out and the bow on the front really add a whimsical touch. The knit scarf is also from tres blah and just look at the cute little bird pin that comes on it. <3

Pretty in Pink/knee pantsThe knee-length pants I put with an old favorite, the Lima trench coat from Armidi, but worn here only with the jacket layer. The shoes are Teese from Lelutka’s Spring Collection. I adore the chunkiness of the shoe and heel. The tote bag by Malt has a great suede texture and shape. It gives this look a slightly more serious tone. Anyway, hope you like the outfits. Stay pink and be happy.

See ya,

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Just hanging around

August 23, 2009

*more new_003

Actually I wasn’t just hanging around when I got the anuenue mohair knit sweater tank…I was searching for stones in the Skipping Stones hunt. But I love this little vest that was the starting point for this look. I tried it with several things and it looked great with all but I hadn’t worn this BP beige denim skirt in ages and when I found it buried under piles of things in my ever-more-disastrous inventory I quickly grabbed it and put it on. I had everything else in inventory except the messenger bag for which I went on a massive search. It was worth the looking, I hadn’t seen anything else like it in sl and I got all three colors. (All different leather tones.) Just look at the cute clasp with the small heart. <3 The hair by Toast Bard is also one I haven’t had the chance to wear much but I love the way the ends are so jagged and bluntly cut.  It took a little modding but I love the way it works with the Fedora from Lelutka. Now I have to say, I don’t wear heavy tats that often but this outfit needed something to cover my poor bare little arms. Lol.  By the way you may note that I have taken up smoking but…(in the words of Bill Clinton) I didn’t inhale!  Goes to show I will do anything for the look…..*cough, cough*.

BP 2 girls


I did do a little extra picture of the accessories to give you a better up-close view.  So here it is…. and now for me… it is back to hanging around (thereby avoiding cleaning my inventory).

See ya,

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WorkIt’s really been hot here the past couple of weeks….so I am always thinking of how to look good without sweltering. And, of course, if you are dressed for the outside temperature you freeze when you go into the air-conditioning…for me, blazers and cardigans are the answer. And this is just the kind of thing I like to wear. Something that can go almost anywhere depending on the accessories. This sundress from AlaFolie is colorful and light and with the addition of a blazer, heels and the right bag, it’s even perfect for the office..or maybe a lunch downtown.

Sweater2This second look is a little more casual but still covered, just exchange the blazer for a small, thin cardigan. Still great for work, shopping a movie or happy hour. And at the end of the day when it is time to kick off the heels and walk down to the beach, a change of shoes and bag is all it takes.

two plainAdmittedly, all this is an excuse to wear this dress a lot. The fabric is wonderful and I love the way the skirt floats when you move. I don’t know what this designer (pixivor Allen) does but it really seems that the skirt moves differently. I can say that the textures are beautiful and that everything I tried from the store is very well made so tp over a take a look yourself.  (Thanks to my friend Rene Caerndow for showing me the shop.) The white blazer is an old Armidi favorite but the cardigan from Pig is new and I really love it’s hand-drawn goodness. It comes in tons of  great colors. The necklace is from Paper Couture and like all of their jewelry it is really special. The other super cute thing are the flip flops. I had to buy the fat pack of these…I love them, they are so cute and even my feet look pretty cute!!  Now I have to go out and brave the heat…

See ya,

(Click on any of the shots for a larger image for more detail.)

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Ocean, Raspberry, Lemongrass

I recently wrote a post about a favorite fun party dress, “Adrianna” from Stitch by Stitch. I love the creativity of  Sevenstar Amat, designer of Stitch By Stitch and decided to do a second post about another of my favorites from her store. What I love about this dress is that it comes in great colors, it has a wonderful full skirt with a poufy net underskirt that shows just a little, and a little rose and bead decoration at the waist. The fabric has a slightly watery texture like big drops of rain had fallen on it. The netting on the underskirt has lot of little pieces of colored fabric attached that adds a little extra color. <3   This dress really lends itself to accessorizing. So I took three colors from my closet and did them all up a little differently.

OceanThe first look is the dress in all it’s adorable cuteness just as it is. All I added was the wide patent belt. The hat/hair is a new one from Argrace picked up at the hair fair, I love the way the hair is swept around and hangs over one shoulder!  The tats give the outfit a little edge..if you haven’t been to Tattoo World, go check it out….they have so many fantastic ones. The shoes aren’t really new but they are sooo cute from Kookie’s.

More stitches red

The Raspberry dress is a yummy color. The little jacket is a blouse from Digit Darkes and I <3 the little pleats and the sheerness of it. The super cute clutch from Atelier AM has a pearled chain handle and a tiny bow at the closure. The hair is another great one from Lamb! Gotta love the sweeping side bangs and how it is starting to come loose on one side.

Three girls green

The Lemongrass has to be my favorite. The color is amazing. The kitten heels from 50 flats are a perfect match and the sweater from Mischief is so cute and well done. I was really happy with this combination, lots of layers and my favorite hair from the hairfair by Dernier Cri.

Hope you like them,
<3 Elisabeth

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